Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

Winter can be a magical season around which to plan a wedding. A Winter Wonderland Wedding theme creates a sparkling, enchanting wedding with warmth and crystal beauty to showcase your love.

For a Winter Wonderland Wedding find inspiration for decorating and favors in nature. Sparkling snowflakes, twinkle lights, white tree branches , even real pine trees or Christmas trees hung with crystal icles and sparkling snowflakes .

Silver and ice blue give this wedding theme a sparkle like no other. Make your Wedding a lasting memory that lasts a lifetime.

Free Winter Wonderland Wedding Thank You
Printable Card Kit

- 4 X 5 card & envelope .pdf templates

- MS Word .doc for inside message.

- print as many cards as you want on your inkjet printer.

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Attire- Wedding Invitations - Wedding Favors - Wedding Centerpieces - Wedding Decorations

Winter Wonderland Wedding Attire

A Winter Wonderland Theme usually takes place indoors with a church wedding so the attire should lean towards the more formal. Accents of cyrstals, beads, and pure white dresses and tuxes will lend that winter white look to your wedding.

The Winter Wonderland Wedding should reflect the beauty and sparkle of new fallen snow.

The Bride

Winter white simple gown with white faux fur trim, or a fairy tale princess pure white gown and lots of beading or crystal bead work. The bride could wear a white, hooded cloak with white faux fur trim and carry a white fur muff, rather than a bouquet. A sprakling cyrstal or rhinestone tiara would carry the winter sparkle nicely.

Great accents can be jewelry in the shape of snowflakes. Silver and platinum adds an icy touch to your look as well. Keep your makeup matching with frosty shades of shimmering white and blue on eyes, and icy pink on lips.


Feel like a princess with a celtic tiara or go with a beautiful Irish cloak and hood.

Consider carrying a fur trimmed muff instead of flowers, to add that wintery magic to your bridal attire.

Add a touch of sparkle to your wedding even in your shoes. Rhinestone buckles make this shoe a great choice for the wintery bride.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations

You can easily make your own Wedding Invitation with a little imagination and few supplies. If you're a do-it-yourselfer, consider an invitation that reflects the beauty of a crip winter day with the sparkle of snow the blue of a crisp sky. Send invitations of winter scenes (snowflakes, snowmen, a snow lodge, sleigh rides, snowy mountains). Add sprakle to your invitations by using silver sparkles or silver confetti inside. A nice combinations of dark blue confetti hearts and silver doves or silver snowflakes would add a nice sparkle.

A simple Winder Wonderland themed invitation tutorial follows below. Keep in mind that your invitation should reflect who you are and the theme of the wedding. The invitation is the first indication to your guests what type of wedding you are having and is the first impression you will leave.

Below is a tutorial for making a Winter Wonderland themed wedding invitiation yourself.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitation Tutorial

Materials Needed:

Snowflake Paper Make Your Own In a Graphics Program or Purchase

Card Stock color of your choice

Parchment Paper


Navey Blue Ribbon for Bow

1. Cut your cardstock (navey blue) the size you need to fit purchased envelopes or if you are going to make your own envelopes you can cut the card stock whatever size you like. We cut ours "8 1/2" long and "6" wide.

2. Print your own snowflake paper or purchase ready made. Cut the snowflake paper "7!/2" long and "5" wide. Glue the snowflake paper centered on your card stock.

3. Compose and print your invitation wording in a space "6" x "4" in a word program. Print on parchment paper. Cut to size to fit nicely in the middle of your snowflake paper. Do not glue.

4. Take an exacto knife or sharp pair of small scissors and make two slits centered through all the papers about 2 inches apart . Thread your ribbon through the slits and tie a bow. Add confetti hearts to the invitation when you put it in the envelope.

There you have it! A personalized Winter Wonderland Invitation

For an extra special touch you may want to seal your invitation with Snowflake stickers.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Favors

Wedding Favor Bag

You will need a the free gift bag template found here.

Put the template into a graphics program and design the front portion of the template with your own themed graphics and write your name and date of your special day on the front.

Print and cut out the template onto a light weight card stock. Fold on the dashed lines and cut on the heavy lines.

Assemble your favor bag and finish the bag by wrapping with raffia ribbon.

You can fill these little favor bags with a couple of chocolates, mints, wrapped candy, rose petals, lavender petals, irish favors or any other Irish related favor.

For this bag we used a pre-made bag template out of the Winter WOnderland Themed Wedding Printables Package and then just added our name to the front before printing.

Pillow Box Favor

Download the free matchbook template here and save to your computer.

Put the template into a graphics program and design the front portion of the template with your own Irish themed graphic and write your name and date of your special day on the front.

Print and cut out the template onto a light weight card stock. Fold on the dashed lines and cut on the heavy lines.

Assemble your pillow box. On your printed card stock you must score the curved lines first so that the ends of box wll fold in nicely after.

Glue the box together along the flap. Fold in the scored ends.

FInish the box by tying a ribbon around the entire favor box.

You can fill these little favor box with a couple of chocolates, mints, wrapped candy, rose petals or whatever you wish to give your guests.

For this box we used a pre-made box template out of the Winter Wonderland Theme Wedding Printables Package and then just added our name to the front before printing.

Small Sachet Package Wedding Favor

Download the free box template template here and save to your computer.

Download the free template and create your own graphics in a graphic program and add to the template.

Print out the template and cut and fold where indicated.

Glue the sachet package together where indicated and wrap with raffia . You can add anything you like inside the little sachet. Dried rose petals, a tea bag, a couple of small mints or chocolates.

For this sachet we used a pre-made template out of the Winder Wonderland Theme Wedding Printables Package and then just added our name to the front before printing. .

There are many online store that carry a wide array of Winter wedding favors and here are some of our favorites.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Centerpieces

Buy plain wicker baskets and spray paint some baskets in white, some in some in silver. Tie a large bow to the handle or glue a length of ribbon around the basked and glue a bow on one side. Fill with blue, white and silver Christmas balls.

Have an ice sculpture as a centrepiece

Scatter artificial snow crystals on the tables and illuminate with white candles in silver candelabras

Place a mirror in the center of the table and arrange 3 wine glasses of different heights on the mirror. Fill with water and float a white flower on the top or add floating candles. Sprinkle some glitter over the mirror.

Use silver and white wrapped boxes and tie with pretty blue ribbon for centerpieces.

Use floating candles in the shape of stars, trees or snowflakes in a simple glass bowl.

Wedding Decorations

Mix shredded white tissue paper and shredded iridescent or pearlescent cellophane for a snow-like look lining candy bowls or on the table around centerpieces.

One suggestion is to use miniature Christmas trees with snow (faux, of course) laden branches. You can decorate with white and silver ribbon or you could place favors on the branches.

Inexpensive snowflake or star ornaments can be used on walls or hanging from simple white fabric swags. Another option is to place them around the cake table or hanging from tablecloths.

White Christmas bulbs wrapped in tulle would look wonderful.

Iridescent snowflakes hanging off tablecloths, chairs, walls or ceilings

Use plant material such as holly, pinecones, evergreens and mistletoe in centerpieces and for decorating the ceremony site (church, etc.).

To add a bit of winter to your walk down the aisle, have your flower girl throw glitter or faux snow. Just realize that clean up might be a pain if you don't use an aisle runner of some type.

Cover tables in a white tablecloth. Add smaller accent cloths of blue and silver. Another thing you can do is leave the white tablecloth as is and sprinkle some blue and silver glitter or confetti around the center of the table.

Make balloon bouquets of silver, blue and white balloons. Use white curly ribbon to tie the balloons together, leaving streamers of ribbon hanging down. Secure the bouquets to some sort of weight (such as tying it to bricks sprayed white, or silver or wrapped like a present in silver or blue paper.

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Favor Printables.

This downloadable package has a Snowflake Theme.Blue Snowfalkes on a white background. It has 4 pre-made templates: a wedding favor bag, a wedding sachet favor, a large wedding matchbook for tea label and a pillow box favor. These come with no writing on the label. Each template has graphics and are ready for you to insert your name and wedding date either by using a graphic program or hand writing in calligraphy and print and cut.

Download Winter Wonderland Favors $2.00


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The veil was eastern, in origin and was introduced into Europe by returning crusaders. Eastern women wore it to ward off the 'Evil Eye'. It was not taken off until after the wedding ceremony and a sign to the groom that his bride was pure. Purity has continued to be associated with veils.

Throwing Rice originated in the Orient where having rice means having a full pantry. So the newlywed couple was showered with rice, grains or nuts to wish them abundance and good luck in their new life together.

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