Elegant Wedding Invitation Tutorial

Do-it-101. com is pleased to offer this free Wedding Invitation Tutorial that you can make yourself for pennies using things from the dollar store. A little patience and a little time and you will have not only created your own wedding invitation with your own touch but you can insert your own elements and colours to get exactly what you want.


Elegant Wedding Invitation

This wedding invitation tutorial is designed so that you can use whatever colours you like as well as any extra elements you may wish to include. Our example is using basic white and black but the colour combinations are endless as is the paper choice.

Materials Needed:

The amount of paper listed below depends on how many invitations are you going to make. Keep in mind that you will need to make a reply card too so be generous with your estimate. You will need 1 sheet of cardstock for each basic card.

Paper Cardstock for the basic card

Paper Plain or Coloured Paper for the Contrast trim, we used construction paper because in this case it creates the effect we want easily and bonus .....it is very cheap and easy to acquire!

Velum, Tracing Paper, Air Mail paper or just plain white paper for the inside insert, we just using plain tracing paper but a heavy white bond paper looks just as nice.

1 Package of shiny wrapping paper from the dollar store we used gold but there are endless colours available for very little money and you will only need one package.

Ribbon, Gold elastic thread, raffia, and miscellaneous elements. You will need 15 inches for each card.

Glue Stick


1. Assemble your supplies. Begin by cutting your cardstock so that the folded card measures "5X7" . A small paper cutter would be handy for this tutorial but if one is not available a good pair of scissors will work fine too. So you need to cut a piece of cardstock flat that measures 10" by 7" and then fold it in half so that width of the card is 5 inches and the length is 7". It would be a lot easier if you worked in assembly type mode. Cut all your cards, fold them and set them aside before moving on to the next step.

2.Now we will make the first layer of the band that goes on the bottom of the card. Take your sheets of coloured paper and mark them off at 2" wide by 10" long. Draw across the paper so you have some lines to follow. Take a very sharp edged ruler and tear the paper not cut it unitl you have enough coloured strips for all your invitations. Any paper will work here and the bride can match her colour to coordinate with her wedding colours. We used plain construction paper because it tears nicely, lays flat and like we said....it's cheap!

You may not like the torn paper effect , so here again there are many options for your first band, you can cut it straight edged, you can rip it or you can use a fancy pair of scrapbooking scissors and cut one fancy edge. The effect is totally up to you. Once you have acquired the look you like you can now paste the first band to your basic card you folded before. Make sure you position your band evenly measure up from the bottom of your card on both ends of your card before gluing.

Fold the band in half and position it where you think it looks the best near the bottom of your card, apply the glue and paste it down.

3.Next we will add the metalic band. This band can be as wide or narrow as you like as long as you leave a bit of border showing top and bottom of your first band. We cut our gold wrapping paper in 3/4" strips 10" long.

Find the center of your first band and glue the metallic band firmly down on top of the middle of your first band.

4. The last band is the same colour as your first band. Cut strips 1/2 inch wide by 10" long and glue the stip in the center of the 2nd metallic band. Your ribbon or thread will wrap around the entire card and tie in the front. We used gold metallic elastic cord to coordinate with the metallic band but feel free to use whatever ribbon or trim you desire as long as it is about 1/4" or less wide.

5. At this point you may wish to leave the card as it is or you may wish to add something at the top. Here again your options are endless, you may wish to use a picture of yourself and your future partner together and print the picture out and apply it to card or you can add hearts with your names in them or any other endless possibilies. Keep it simple for an elegant look. If you wish to use hearts we have provided a template just click and save to your computer.

6. For the inside of the card we used tracing paper and typed the information centered . The paper for the inside should measure 4"x 5". We applied a coloured background 4 1/2" x 5" 1/2 first before gluing the informational tracing paper on top.

If you wish to make your own envelope templates you can find one here.

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