Top Ten Design Mistakes Building A Web Site

Your web page, your window to the world, will immediately influence your visitors, whether they stick around or move on will be a decision made in a few seconds. A perfect page would hold them fascinated long enough to explore the entire site and then bookmark it in their favorites.

Perfection may never be achieved, but by avoiding these basic design mistakes your site will be a rewarding experience for your visitors.

1. Not using Web conventions, generally happens with amateur hand written code, produces weird formats that no one understands. Use a good web authoring tool to build your site, many hosts include one as part of the deal when you sign up.

2. Publishing fluff, the page consists of trite, boring, predictable or worst of all copied content, and then forgetting to update. Write sensible, informative content, stick to the topic and keep the information current.

3. Inconsistent navigation, having totally different or unique navigation on every page tends to confuse the visitor, they my not even be sure if they are still on the same site when they go to a new page. Develop a theme, make a template, use CSS to define your page, stay consistent throughout your site.

4. Confusing or cryptic labels on buttons and links, most visitors are sceptical and will not click on a link unless they know where they are going.

5. Not putting a search or site map on the site, visitors won't spend the time to analyze and learn your navigation system, they want information now.

6. Don't be self centered with content that only talks about yourself and your achievements, tell your visitors how you can help them, get them to feel they are involved. Make an "About Me" page to give your history and show off your photos of yourself and your office building, keep it off the home page.

7. Having poorly written copy with frequent spelling and grammar mistakes will drive people away, if you can't spend the time to check your copy you loose credibility.

8. Not including any text, making every page on your site one big graphic. Search engines need to find text to index your site, search boxes on your site need it to find information.

9. Not using text links for your navigation, or using complicated JavaScript drop down menus for your site's navigation. Search engines won't be able to spider your website.

10. Using hard to read type, a light colored font on a same color but darker background will be nearly impossible to read. Visitors often arrive at your page as the result of a search so don't usually read your page word for word, they tend to skim the page looking for the information they want.

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