Orgonite comes from the name Orgone, given by Wilhelm Reich to vital energy that is found everywhere in nature. According to him this vital energy exists in many different forms, neutral (OR which is orgone), positive (POR which is positive orgone energy) or negative (DOR which is deadly orgone energy). Positive orgone energy enables living energy to exist in a healthy state. One of his claims was that OR was able to neutralize nuclear radiation.

Based on Reich's writings objects are being "gifted" to the earth in the form of a combination of metal and organic material with the belief that they will make the world a better place to live. These "gifts" are often puck shaped objects, a mixture of metal and resin, molded in a tart pan.


What is Orgonite

The following is provided as a source of information only, we have no first hand experience or any scientific data either proving or disproving the effectiveness of Orgonite.

Orgonite is a combination of resin, an organic material, and metal shavings, particles or powder poured into a mold.

Many different shapes and types of molds are used such as pyramid candle molds, funnels and tart pans.

Orgonite pyramid Example of a pyramid made with a candle mold utilizing copper and brass shavings set in resin.

Basically the mixture is poured into a mold that has been sprayed with a silicone release. The resin and metal is combined in equal parts, crystal and other objects may be added, there are many theories as to what should be included.

What does it do

Life energy, or orgone as Reich refered to it, is present throughout the universe, even present in matter, minerals and crystals. Bodies attract life energy, use it to transform it to what it needs and then releases it. We can unconsciously create an energy structure that obstructs the free flow of life energy. This weakens the body and eventually this disease will result in the death of the body. Reich refered to this as DOR, Deadly Orgone Energy.

He claimed orgonite will transform this DOR, metal attracts orgone energy both positive and negative. The thousands of tiny particles of metal are absorbing and releasing energy at a rate so rapid that they shake loose the structure blocking the flow of free energy so the energy again becomes the healthy OR.

It is benificial to have orgonite around you in situations with negative energy, it helps in work situations to eliminate stress and offers protection from technological devices emitting harmful energies.

Orgonite may be used to promote growth in vegetable gardens, reduce cell tower and microwave radiation as well as in spiritual healing.




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