Crop Circles

The recorded incidence of crop circles in more modern times seems to have started in the early 20th century, with a gradual increase in numbers through to a marked incr4ease in the 1960’s, leading to a quite dramatic upturn in the 1990’s. At least 190 formations were discovered and documented in 1999, perhaps an omen for what is to come in the new millennium.


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The History of Crop Circles

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Biophysical Effects Found In Plants In The Crop Circle

Crop Circles and Music Notations Theory

Crop Circles and Number Codes

Crop Circles A Baffling Phenomena

Dimensional Therory Of Crop Circle Formation

Euclidean Geometry and Diatonic Ratios

Is Sound Behind The Creation of Crop Circles

The Geometry Of Crop Circles

Theories On the Formation of Crop Circles

What Are Crop Circles

White Powder Inside Crop Circles

X-Ray Diffraction Study

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