Build Your Own Headboard

Bored with your bedroom decor. An easy way to change the whole look of the bedroom is by changing the headboard. Making your own headboard does not have to be difficult or costly. Here are some links and ideas to help you with this project.

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Almost any spot meant for sleeping can benefit from a new update, whether it is the master bedroom, the guest room or a child's room or nursery. Only your imagination will hold you back when designing your own headboard.

The transformation could be as simple as hanging a quilt or a soothing painting behind a headboard or as exciting as building your own unique look. Once you have settled on a style that suits you and your family, the eye-catching change you come up with will wake up the whole room in a snap.

A Great Western look would be to weld a large wagon wheel onto to the bedframe. Instant country with a great design look.

A garden theme room would look great with a headboard made from a garden trellis. You could wind ivy leaves through the holes to create an outdoor feel.

A vintage door hung sideways and attached to the bedframe gives a great country look. Stress painting the door to match your decor makes for a chic old look.

Make a frame out of 2x4's and drape pleat a fabric to match your decor. With the wide array of fabrics available you should easily find something that strikes your fancy from expensive linens or velvets to soft cotton whimsical fabric.

Headboard Mounting Instructions

Headboards may be mounted to the wall so the bed is independent of them or be part of an actual bed frame. There is a selection of hardware shown at the bottom of the page to mount rails to the head and foot boards if an actual bed frame is being built.

A headboard may be hung on the wall with metal hardware such as the flush mounts and steel cleats shown to the right or a french cleat can be made.

Rip a length of 1 X 4 about 4' long down the center at a 45 degree angle, locate the studs in the wall or use anchors and fasten one length to the wall, determining that it is level with the bevel at the top and running down toward the wall. Fasten the other length to the back of the headboard up toward the top, the bevel should be facing down and running toward the back. Add a strip to the bottom of the back of the headboard that is the same thickness as the top strip to act as a spacer.

An alternative method to the french cleat is to fasten a length of 1 X 2 to the wall, insert a couple screw eyes into the back of the headboard. Drive nails or screws into the top of the strip through the loops of the screw eyes. Fasten a second strip to the bottom of the headboard the same thickness as the strip on the wall to act as a spacer.

Headboard Making Instructions and Ideas

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