How to Make A Palm Tree Christmas Decoration

If you can't get away to relax in the sun this holiday season then the next best thing is to add some exotic decor to your yard.
This Christmas palm tree is made from an old umbrella frame, plastic pipe from a building supply store and burlap from the garden center.



Materials needed:

Small umbrella

6 feet of plastic pipe at least 1 1/4" ID

3 feet of 1x2 wood

Burlap 36" X 8'

Green plastic garland

String of 35 green lights

String of 35 white lights

Lengths of fine and heavy wire


Remove covering from umbrella, depending on size of umbrella some of the long stays may have to be snipped a bit shorter, for a six foot pipe frame should be about 24 inches in diameter.

The shaft of the umbrella has to drop down inside the plastic pipe so the handle may have to be cut off.

Attach the garland and the green lights to the umbrells frame, making the palm fronds. I used a stand on a table that I could drop the umbrella shaft into.


Drill a couple small holes in one end of the plastic pipe, thread short lengths of fine wire through these holes, drop umbrella into pipe and tie wire to frame of umbrella to attach it to pipe.

Drive the 1X2 board into the ground at a slight angle, palm trees never seem to grow straight up, with the heavy wire attach the plastic pipe to the board.


Tie one corner of the burlap to the umbrella frame, then loosely wrap the burlap around the pipe. you may have to use some of the fine wire to stich it in place as you wrap it, fold the excess inside to form a bulge at the bottom of the pipe.

Wrap the white string of lights around the trunk of the tree.


Now just mix yourself a Mai Tai, put on your parka, grab a lawn chair and enjoy.

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