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Digital photography has revolutionized the world of photography. What was promised by the film - high resolution and excellent depth is almost possible in digital photography. With the help of the advanced digital photography software, you have the power to manipulate your images and produce pictures of excellent quality. What required a dark room and a pair of skillful hands honed to perfection with years of practice can be done with relative ease with the help of computer software these days.

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If you are using a point and shoot or even a SLR 35mm camera for that matter there is now a digital camera available that meets your experience level. Purchasing the same brand as your current camera may be an easier transition as most of the features will work in a similar manner.

The biggest difference is in the storage medium, you will no longer be limited to 36 exposures and then have to change film rolls, you can now shoot hundreds of images before changing your memory card.

A great feature of digital cameras is the ability to preview shots immediately after they are taken on the built in screen, giving you the opportunity to reshoot if you are not happy with the first one.

Most digital cameras also shoot suprisingly good movies.

Just connect your camera to your computer or insert your memory card in a compatible printer and prints are available immediately. Any images you are not happy with can easily be deleted, the ones you wish to keep can be backed up onto your computer hard drive or portable media such a CD or DVD's. Images or movies can be sent by email moments after they are taken so distant loved ones can now feel part of the celebration as it takes place.

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