Herbal Medicine

It is a growing wish of many in this fast paced technological age to go back to a more natural way of life. From time immemorial man has relied on plants to treat sicknesses. The same herbs, trees, and shrubs employed by ancient peoples have continued to valued through the ages. Many of these plants are still used today: nearly half of all medicines currently prescribed are derived from members of the plant kingdom.


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The information presented in this page should not be considered medical advice, and you should always consult a physician before beginning any herbal therapy.

Plants In Myth and Magic

History of Chinese Medicine

History of Herbs

Plants in Greek Mythology

Herbs Information and Tutorials

55 Best Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies For Sinus Infection

How to Find Herbs In the Wild Pictures and Descriptions

How To Make Medicinal Teas

How to Make A Herbal Poultice

How To Make A Herbal Tincture

How To Make Infused Herbal Oils

How to Make Your Own Herbarium

Learn the Anatomy of a Plant

Native American Herbal Remedies

Preparing Herbal Medicines

The Interactions of Herbs and Drugs

The Basics Of Growing Herbs

Basic Medicinal Herbs


Cayenne Pepper






Lemon Balm

Lemon Verbena




Herbal Downloads

Herb Pro 1.0 Free Software Download

Herbs 4.0 Describes Over 450 Herbs Software

Herbal Medicine 2.1 Free Trial Software

Herb Pictures To Download Free

Herbs Online Tools

Herb And Spice Refence Chart

Herbal Remedy Chart

Guide to Using Herbs In The Wilderness

Online Gallery of Medicinal Plant Pictures

Plant Database Search For A Plant

Herbal Medicinal Tea Recipes

Chamomile and Ginger Tea

Cold Comfort Tea

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Most of the world's people continue to use herbs as their primary form of medication. While various cultures may not have our knowlege of bochemmistry of plants or the same perspective on the structure of the human body, all herb using cultures have an appreciation for the healing properties of plants. A herb is a living substance and has its own constellation of energy.

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