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The Love Apple (Pomme D'Amour) is considered by botanists to be a fruit, but in cooking we use it as a vegetable. For centures after its' introduction into the New World it was thought to be toxic and was not accepted until the 19th century. Today we have choices ranging from the large Beefsteak down to the tiny Cherry or Grape. Tomatoes are one of the most common garden vegetables in America and, along with zucchini, have a reputation for outproducing the needs of the grower.

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Historical Information

The tomato is thought to have originated in Peru , where eight species in the tomato genus still grow wild in the Andes Mountains. It is a plant that has a colorful history, thought to be poisonous by some, cultivated by others throughout the world. Shortly after Cortez conquered the Aztecs in the early 1500's the tomato made its way back to the Mediterranean becoming popular in Spain, Italy and France where it was called "pomme d'amour" (love apple).

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Tomato Varieties


Most tomato cultivars are either determinate or indeterminate. Determinate varieties grow to a certain height and stop, flower and set all their fruit within a relatively short period of time, which is an advantage if you want a large crop for canning. Indeterminate tomatoes grow, flower, and set fruit over a long period, if you like to eat your tomatoes fresh, choose an indeterminate variety.

1. It's easiest to buy a tomato plant from a nursery and transplant it to your garden. Plant several varieties rather than all of one type.
2. As a rule of thumb, have two plants for each member of the family who will eat tomatoes.
3. Choose a sunny spot to place the plants.
4. Prepare the garden bed by adding lots of compost tomatoes demand a growing medium rich in organic matter.
5. Transplant the tomato deeply, bury about 75% of the plant, it’s okay to bury some of its leaves.
6. Space tomato plants 18 to 36 inches apart.
7. Water about 16 ounces of warm water daily per plant for the next seven days.
8. Use a mulch of straw, dried grass, or pine needles to control weeds and keep the soil moist during dry weather.
9. A week or two after transplanting, consider using a tomato cage or a stake to support the tomato vine.
10.Watch for fruit to appear 45 to 90 days after transplanting.

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How To Save Tomato Seeds

Seed Swappers


Picked tomatoes should be placed in the shade. Light isn’t necessary for ripening immature tomatoes. Green tomatoes can be stored at 50 to 70 F for one to three weeks. Ripe tomatoes should be stored at 45 to 50 F for four to seven days, do not store tomatoes in the refrigerator. Drying tomatoes has become popular in the last few years as a way to store them.

Canning Tomatoes

Drying Tomatoes

Freezing Raw Tomatoes


Tomatoes may be eaten fresh in salads and sandwiches, added to pasta, meat and vegetable dishes or fried when they are green. They may be canned, frozen or dried to be used in recipes throughout the year. Juice, sauces and relishes may also be made as they are harvested to store for future use.

Green Tomato Recipes

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Diseases and Pests

Tomato diseases can be controlled by using disease-resistant plants, good cultural practices and by using fungicides.

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Tomato Pests Can Easily Be Controlled

Troubleshooting Tomato Problems

Free eBooks from Project Gutenberg

The Tomato by Paul Work (1945)

Tomato Culture: A Practical Treatise on the Tomato by W.W. Tracy (1907)

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