Printed Row Markers

Not all of us are artists so one of the most difficult parts of a project like this can be drawing and painting the details on it. This is where your computer and inkjet printer can work wonders for you.

You will need a graphic program on your computer, MS Word will do what you need just fine.

Locate an image, it will likely be in either a .jpg or .png file, select an image close to the size you require or a bit larger.

Open a new blank document. Click on "Insert" at the top of the MS Word window, in the pulldown menu select "Picture", then "From File". You will be asked to locate the file you wish to open, click on it and the object will appear in your document. When you click on the image it will have a box around it with several little square dots on it. Use these dots to resize the image by dragging them in toward the center of the image.

When you have the image the size you require print it on matt photo paper, then with white glue attach it to 1/4" thick plywood. When the glue has dried trim around the image with a jig saw to make a plaque.

You may wish to leave a space at the bottom of the image to write on with a marking pen for additional information.

You can paint the edges and back of the plaque if you wish, then you will have to weatherproof the face of the plaque with spray on outdoor varnish or lacquer.

Fasten the plaque to a wooden stake and place it at the start of your row.

We have included a folder of common vegetable images to get you started.

Download Vegetable Images (500 kb .Zip file)

Cedar Wishing Well
- Wishing well stands just over four feet tall, hexagon base is aprox. 22" across
- Constructed with standard dimension material.
- Only special tools required are a miter-box and an 1 1/8" bit or hole saw.
- Includes plans for cedar bucket and optional roof planter.

Order Downloadable Plans

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