Plants For Your Garden Pond

Pond Plants are an attractive addition to your Garden Pond or Water Feature. Not only do they add beauty but the serve a useful purpose by maintaining the health of your pond. Many varieties can be found in your local rivers or ponds if collecting them is permitted.

Algae - Pond Plants - Wintering Your Pond Plants

Controlling Algae In Your Pond

Most people want to include plants in their pond for their aesthetic appeal, they want their water garden to look good.

Nothing ruins the ponds appeal faster than a thick pea soup layer of green algae. Plants contribute greatly to the health of your pond. You are trying to maintain a balanced system. You can not exclude algae

Encysted algae floats in the air and when it finds a home, such as your pond, it settles and grows. The best way to control algae is to starve it out.

Algae feeds on nitrogen in its various forms, nitrates, nutrients, and ammonia.

Fish waste and decaying plant or animal matter contribute their fair share of nitrogen too.

Water lilies (nymphaea) and water hyacinths (Eichhornia crassipes) shade the water beneath them limiting sunlight for algae growth.

Floating plants such as water lettuce (Pistia stratrotes) and duckweed (lemna) absorb and tie up nitrates in their tissue.

Submerged floating plants such as hornwort (Ceratophy7llum demersum) and water milfoil (Myrophyllum exalbescens) absorb nutrients directly through their leaves.

It is normal to have green water until the plants have time to tie up nutrients. If the water does not clean up in a couple of weeks after the initial fill up you probably do not have enough plants in proportion to the fish population.

Both Koi and goldfish will eat duckweek and the roots of floaters such as water hyacinth.

Pond health and beauty is a balancing act, which makes it fun and interesting to experiment in your own natural habitat.

Pond Plants

Many native plants are available:

Hornwort: A common oxgenator, long stringy stems whith fine leaves growning the entire length (looks like Christmas Tree garland) Because they never root, all of their nutrients are derived directly from the water. The plant spends its entire life completely submersed.

Water Milfoil - is similar to hornwort, but coarser looking.

Bladderwort (Utrecularia Vulgaris) has little "balloons" which help it to float.

Water Lettuce (Pistia Stratiotes) a leafy floating plant.

Cattails (Typha Latifolia) should be potted along the plant ledge. The plant has sword like leaves.

Bulrushes (Scripus) arching round stems or culms and no leaves.

Marshmarigold (Caltha Palustra) These are spring flowering yellow "buttercups" blooms.

Giant Reed Grass (Phragmites Communis) 6-9 feet tall. Potted on the plant ledge.

Common Slough Grass (Beckmannia Syzigachne) potted on the plant ledge.

Common Yellow Pond Lily (Nuphor Variegatum) not a true water lily, the floating leaves are larger than commercial water lilies, the yelllow flowers never fully open. Potted on the plant ledge or deeper into the pond.

White Scented Water Lily (Nymphaea Adorato) potted on the plant ledge or deeper.

Arrowhead (sagittaria Cuneata) large arrowhead leafs. Potted plant on the pond ledge.

Water Plantain (Alisma Triviole). Similar to arrowhead, but large orval leaves . Potted on the plant ledge.

Wintering Your Pond Plants

Most native plants can be over wintered in thier pots right in the pond, move pots to the deepest part and allow them to freeze in.

You will have some losses, but will be surprised how well most survive.

Commercial water lilies of the Nymphaea genus must be stored indoors for the winter.

Remove from pond, trim leaves, place them in plastic bags and store in a cool room 54 Degrees F . Check periodically to ensure they are moist, and no mold is appearing on the surface.

If cold storage is not available, remove the rhizome (root) from the pot, rinse away the soil, and store in damp peat moss in a plastic bag in the fridge.

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