Growing Pansies

Pansies are actually a type of violet (genus Viola). Pansies thrive in a variety of habitats from bogs to mountain tops, and as a general rule are short-lived perennials, but most of our modern pansies are gorwn as annuals.

History - Growing

Historical Information

The pansy is native to largerly the cold parts of Asia, Europe and North America. They thrive in a wide variety of habitats. Violets and Pansies have been cultivated for centureis and are particulary well known as love potion ingredieants, cited in Shakespeare plays and German and Scottish folk tales.

17th Centure herbalist Nicholas Culpeper recommended that s syrup of the blossom be used to treat veneral disease.

Pansy Brief History

History of the Modern Pansy

Tomato History

Extensive History of Pansies -Wikipedia


Pansies do best in cool,moist, rich soil in partial shade, although they will tolerate full sun.

Start seeds indoors in well watered flats. Use a soilless mix lightly covering the seeds.

Pansies germinate easily, and the plants grow quickly, once established. At 4'" to 6" the seedlings can be pinched back to encourage bushy growth.

Once plants have been hardened off (exposedd to the elements during the heat of the day) they can be set out quite easily (volunteer plants are often the first to appear).

Pansies are cool season plants. They dislike baking hot or windy locations. Paansies do best in the spring, but often fade in the heat of the summer, only to bloom again in the fall and continue to bloom until the snow flies.

Use pansies for borders, rockery, window boxes or tubs. The more flowers you pick, the more they bloom.

Pansy Varieties number in the hundreds but a few favorites are; "Jolly Johas" which are orange and purple bi colors. "Bing Blue" which are blue and yellow, and "Fama Peach Shades" rosy pink, apricot.

Growing Pansies A complete Tutorial

Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups Information

Pansies are edible, and quite tasty. Icicle Pansies add color to lots of treats. Make sure that they are washed thoroughly before adding to salads or sugaring them for decorations on cakes.

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