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A home bar is the center of a room where everybody can kickback and relax, where the decor can be way out there and not be out of place even in an otherwise formal home. It can be as simple or elaborate as necessity dictates, just a simple counter for casual entertaining or an entire experience.

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Building a Bar

Building your own bar can be a rewarding experience, it is not really that difficult for anyone with tools and a bit of woodworking talent. There are many sites online offering to sell you plans, if you browse a few of them you may come up with some ideas of your own. What you will discover is that basically you will be building a backward bookcase, a box with shelves in it.

The bar should be 42" high, the front should have a 12" overhang if stools will be used, otherwise 6" is adequate. Be aware that that a 12" overhang can cause stability problems if the base is too narrow and you are using a heavy top, foot rails can often do double duty to stabilize the base.

What gives a bar character is the material used to cover the front and sides and the actual top. Depending on the material used this may be incorporated into the structure or to cover up a mdf or plywood carcass. The top can be any material that is impervious to the affects of water and alcohol, wood with a suitable finish on it, tile, real or imitation marble or slate.

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Stocking a Bar

You will need a basic assortment of spirits, tastes differ in localities and seasons until you determine what is popular purchase smaller bottles of quality brands.

• Rum
• Vodka
• Gin
• Whiskey
• Bourbon
• Tequila
• Schnapps
• Triple Sec
• Scotch
• Dry Vermouth
• Wine (both red and white)
• Beer

Be prepared to make everyone's favorites with the standard mixers on hand.

• 1 bottle of grenadine
• 1 bottle of Rose's lime juice
• 1 bottle of Worcestershire sauce
• Orange juice, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, tomato juice, and iced tea
• Tonic water, seltzer, cola, diet cola, lemon lime soda and club soda

You will also need to have on hand ice, lemons, limes, olives, cherries, celery stalks and salt.

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To mix and serve your drinks, you'll need bartending tools.

• Shot glasses
• Cocktail shaker
• Bar caddy
• Bottle openers
• Bar mats
• Blender
• Bottle pourers
• Straws and stirrers
• Margarita glass rimmer
• Cocktail napkins
• Ice bucket and tongs


Have at least a dozen of each to serve your guests with the proper glass.

• Beer mugs
• Hi-ball glasses
• Wine goblets, red and white
• Champagne flutes
• Liqueur glasses

Avoid plastic at all costs, companies like Ikea have great deals on glassware that are almost as reasonable as plastic and add a touch of class to your parties.


Your bar will likely have shelves to store the alcohol and perhaps most of the glasses, some type of cooler is also necessary for beer, mixers and white wine. An apartment size refrigerator will work well for beer and mixers as well as ice. Eventually you will likely desire a dedicated cooler for your wine, and may even establish a wine cellar for all your wine.

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Patent prints are an interesting addition to any home bar area, printed on parchment paper ready to frame. Many categories to choose from including bar and brewing equipment.

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