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Bring the flavor of the country to your wedding with a country western wedding theme. The comforts and traditions of the country brought home in comfortable and relaxed settings. Country and Western Weddings are generally semi formal and create an atmosphere of home and of nature and take on warmth and welcome for the guest in a down home way. We have created some ideas, favors, and do it yourself invitations for inspiration for your western wedding.

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Attire- Wedding Invitations - Wedding Favors - Wedding Centerpieces - Wedding Decorations

Country Western Wedding Attire

A country and western wedding can be as formal or informal as you wish, but is generally semi-formal. Not as relaxed as a beach or seashide wedding and not as formal as a church wedding. The country and western wedding should reflect western and or pioneer themes. Think of the days of Little House on The Prairie or the old wild west. Pionner flair can be reflected in all members of the bridal party as well as the invited guests. Many country and western wedding go very informal with shirts, jeans and boots.

The Bride

The Birde's look depends of what kind of western bride you wish to be. Styles range from Victorian style dresses with lacey necklines and long sleeves, to shorter western style dresses that are mid length and lace up the back to a denimin skirt and white blouse.

The dress can be a halter dress, sleevless, full length or any length in between. The dress can reflect pioneer times or modern casual just depending on your taste.


Decorate a cowboy hat with a veil or fresh flowers to add a wedding touch. Don your cowboy boots, and your Western wedding gown is complete! For added elegance add a lace fan or a parsol.

If you are wearing a totally country gown, you will want to pick western style or pinoneer style footwear as well. White cowboy boots or pioneer type lace up boots would be an excellant choice.

Wedding bouquets can be made with fresh garden flowers or a mixture of roses and garden flowers.

Country and Western Wedding Invitations

Create your own wedding invitation with our printable and downloadable wedding invitation kit. These country and western themed wedding invitation kits are simple and easy to use at an affordable price for everyone. You need card stock paper and a word program to edit the text. The rest is done for you. Click on the pictures below to check out the details and designs.

You can easily make your own Wedding Invitation with a little imagination and few supplies. If you're a do-it-yourselfer, consider an invitation on heavier rough paper, or a background paper that reflects the western theme like bandana print, red ginham or old paper that looks like a wanted poster from the days of the old west.

A simple yet very western themed invitation tutorial follows below. Keep in mind that your invitation should reflect who you are and the theme of the wedding. The invitation is the first indication to your guests what type of wedding you are having and is the first impression you will leave.

Below is a tutorial for making a country western themed wedding invitiation yourself.

Country and Western Wedding Invitation Tutorial

Materials Needed:

Graphics Program Or Word Program

Card Stock color of your choice

Patterned Western themed paper


Photo Corners

Western Scarf Tie Craft Quality

Glue Stick

1. Select a color for the background paper. This should be heavy cardstock. In our example we picked a bandana pattern . Cut this first layer 7 1/2" x 5 1/4". You may make your invitation any size you like, but this is a fairly standard size.

2. For the next layer, you want to pick a light cream or off white paper in a light weight card stock . You will want to add your graphics and invitation on this paper. Print and cut the second layer of paper 6 1/2" x 4 1/2".

3. Add photo corner to 2 sides of your invitation one at the top left corner and one at the bottom right corner.

4. Assemble all your paper layers. Make sure you use a ruler and center and glue each layer on on top of the other.

5. Wrap the entire card in a contrasting ribbon and thread your ribbon through a country and weatern tie scarf . Flatten the ribbon and glue at the back of the invitation.

There you have it! A personalized Country and Western Wedding Invitation.

Garden Wedding Favors

Keeping with the theme of the day, you want your wedding favors to inspire thoughts and memories of the old west and ranch living. Think of the wild west and cowboys and pioneer days. . Favors do not have to be expensive, you can create your own wedding favors simply with little expense.

Some ideas for Country and Western Wedding Favors that you can do yourself.

Wedding Favor Bag

You will need a the free gift bag template found here.

Put the template into a graphics program and design the front portion of the template with your own garden themed graphics and write your name and date of your special day on the front.

Print and cut out the template onto a light weight card stock. Fold on the dashed lines and cut on the heavy lines.

Assemble your favor bag and finish the bag by wrapping with raffia ribbon.

You can fill these little favor bags with a couple of chocolates, mints, wrapped candy, rose petals, lavender petals or any other garden related favor.

For this bag we used a pre-made bag template out of the Country and Western Themed Wedding Printables Package and then just added our name to the front before printing.

Lifesaver Candy Roll Wrappers

You will need a graphics program and some beach themed graphics to design your own Lifesaver Wrapper. You should make your new image 2.45" X 2.10" . Add your background and graphics. Print out.

Cut your wrappers and glue around your lifesaver roll. Tie with a ribbon or raffia.

For this western design wrapper we used a pre-made template out of the Country and Western Theme Wedding Printables Package.

It is a good idea if you are wrapping candy or chocolate bars to leave the original label on underneath your own wrapper.

Match Book Favor

Download the free matchbook template here and save to your computer.

Print the template on normal paper and cut around the outside dark lines on your good card stock.

Fold the good card stock along the dashed lines and put a staple through the front and back of your folded matchbook cover where indicated on the template.

Design your graphic in a word document or graphics program. Print and glue to the outside of your folded cover.

Wrap the matchbook favor with raffia and tie in a knot. We used a sealed bag of tea for the gift inside, you could use a small bag of candy or mints.

For this country and western design match book we used a pre-made template out of the Country and Western Theme Wedding Printables Package.

Small Tag Box Wedding Favor

Download the free box template template here and save to your computer.

Download the free template and create your own graphics in a graphic program and add to the template.

Print out the template and cut and fold where indicated.

Glue the box together where indicated and wrap with raffia . Poke two holes in top of the box where indicated and thread raffia or a ribbon through the holes and tie in a bow on the top of the box. You can add anything you like inside the little sachet. Dried rose petals, a tea bag, a couple of small mints or chocolates.

For this sachet we used a pre-made template out of the Country and Western Theme Wedding Printables Package and then just added our name to the front before printing. .

There are many online store that carry a wide array of garden wedding favors and here are a couple of our favorites from

Country Western Wedding Centerpieces

Decorate your tables with inspiration from from the wild west and pioneer days. Garden flowers and greenery make wonderful accents for your antique items. Containers such , glass jars, hurricane lamps, cocks, wooden crates, wicker baskets, make an excellent starting point to begin to create your centerpieces.

These ideas below are very simple and with little time or money you can add a touch of elegance to your wedding tables.

This arrangement was simply made and very inexpensive. We used an old hurricane lamp, tied with a raffia bow and surrounded by greenery and a few wild flowers.

An old crock filled with fresh flowers, tied around the neck with raffia and ribbon, surrounded by greens and flowers makes a great statement.

Wedding Decorations

Think of the ranch and pioneer days as your inspiration.

Bales of hay, rope, gingham and calico, old boots, antiques, denim placemats, use bandanas as napkins, tin plates for the serving plates. Use barb wire wound in coils with flowers on the table., boot Bottle Openers, Western Bandanas, mason jars, jugs, bunting and swags, washtubs, wire, livestock, garlands of greenery and arrangements of fruit.

Tablecloths could be red and white ginham, even burlap can be bought by the yard.

Hang some Inflatable Peppers or Boots Balloons Set the wedding cake on a cool bird bath or pedestal wash basin stand. Use old washboards, washtubs, wooden barrels, wooden crates or anything ranch related.

Cowboy Themed Wedding Favor Printables.

This downloadable package has a country and western theme on a red and black bandana print background. It has 4 pre-made templates: a wedding favor bag, a wedding matchbook favor, a lifesaver roll cover and a small tag favor box. These come with no writing on the label. Each template has graphics and are ready for you to insert your name and wedding date either by using a graphic program or hand writing in calligraphy and print and cut.

Download Country and Western Favors $2.00


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No ceremony is complete without the kiss. In fact, there was a time when an engagement would be null and void without one. Dating back from early Roman times, the kiss represented a legal bond that sealed all contracts.

The veil was eastern, in origin and was introduced into Europe by returning crusaders. Eastern women wore it to ward off the 'Evil Eye'. It was not taken off until after the wedding ceremony and a sign to the groom that his bride was pure. Purity has continued to be associated with veils.

Throwing Rice originated in the Orient where having rice means having a full pantry. So the newlywed couple was showered with rice, grains or nuts to wish them abundance and good luck in their new life together.

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