Princess Party Ideas

Even if you don't live in castle you can bring a flavour of royalty to your birthday party. Think of castles, knights, princesses and unicorns as your starting point. What little girl would not want to play princess over her court for her special day.

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Princess Party Invitations - Princess Party Decorations - Princess Party Activities - Princess Party Favor Ideas - Princess Party Food Ideas

Princess Party Invitations

You can easily make your own Princess Birthday Party Invitations with a little imagination and few supplies. Use castle and fantasy graphics like dragons and unicorns.

Scroll invitations: Tea dye paper to make it look aged. This is done very simply by letting computer paper sit in dark tea water for a few minutes. Hang to dry the paper and iron it flat. Make your invitation wording in a word program and print the paper.

We used a template for the invitation from the Princess Party Printable Pack found here and burned the paper around the edges. Use caution if you are going to do this ! Burn with a lighter around the edges of the paper in the kitchen sink or outdoors. Have a bucket of water available to drop the paper in if you need to. Burn only small sections at a time.

Roll the paper into a tube and tie with a pretty ribbon. Hand deliver your party invitations.

Wording for your invitation may read:

You are invited to the Kingdom of Princess "Sophia"

to celebrate her royal birthday.

Castle Location:



Princess Party Decorations

What could be greater at a Princess Party than a castle. Make your own castle out of cardboard boxes for that special princess.

Mr. McGroovy's web site offers free plans for how to built this great castle out of cardboard boxes.  With a little time you will have a wonderful addition to your princess party. Take digital photographs of the party guests and print them out so they have a fun memory to take home. Get the plan and instructions for building the castle at Mr. McGroovy's Castle.

Decorate with pink and white balloons, pink and purple streamers. A rainbow arch made out of balloons would make a mystical addition to your party. Decorate around a doorway in the colors of a rainbow.

For a magical touch, decorate with strings of white Christmas lights.

Tie bows with inexpensive tulle and paper twist bows in pink or white across the top of each chair back. The bows can be cut to any length, but look great if you leave long tails and let them drape on the floor. Spray the tulle with glitter spray for a really magical look.

Create a fun effect by draping pink and lavender metallic streamers from the center of the ceiling to the walls on each side of the room. The streamers can be twisted after they are anchored to a ceiling wall or table for a more dimensional look.

Sprinkle confetti on the table to give your table a glittery effect.

Use pink or lavender plastic tablecloths with pink plates and cups. You can dress up the table by adding paper doilies to each plate and a lovely flower arrangement in pink and white in the center of the table. If garden flowers are not available, purchase inexpensive silk flowers from the dollar store.

Make a pretty placecard for each guest and glue a flower in the corner. Use a 4" square card folded in half for this.

Princess Party Activities

Decorate a Notebook and Pen

Materials Needed:

Inexpensive Coiled Notebooks

Colored Pens or Pencils

Scraps of paper





1. Remove cover from the notebook by unwinding it through the spirals.

2. Paste a sheet of card stock any color over the original cover. Poke little holes in the cover to match those underneath on your original cover.

3. Rewind the new cover through the wire spirals.

4. Let the children decorate the notebook anyway they like. Supply ribbons, glitter, glue and small pieces of paper, stickers or little embellishments. Pictures cute out of magazines work well too.

5. Buy a package of feathers from the craft store and wind 3 or 4 them together with florist wire and then position them on top of a brightly colored pen wrapping the florist wire around the pen until it is held firmly.

Decorate a Princess Hat

Card stock in different colors

Dinner Plate for Pattern




Plastic Gems


Embellishments of any kind

1. Find a dinner plate or round object about 8 inches in diameter. Cut two circles out of card stock or heavy construction paper.

2. Glue the two circles together about 1/3 of the way overlapping each other. Grab both ends of your paper and roll into a cone shape and glue along the edge.

3. Cut ribbons, tulle or streamer paper into 12 inch lengths and tie them all in a knot at the top and poke through the hole in the top of the hat. Glue.

Punch 2 holes on either side of the hat about 1 inch up from the bottom. Thread ribbon through each side long enough for the child to tie in a bow under the chin.

Let the children decorate the hat any way they wish with scraps of paper, glitter, ribbons, gems.

If you have boys at the party let them decorate their hats like a wizard hat with stars and moon shapes on a blue or black hat.

Dress Up and Parade With Photos

Have a trunk or large box decorated with ribbon and balloons, fill it with dress up clothes, shawls, costume jewelry and let the children dress up. Have a Princess Parade and take a picture of each girl with the Birthday Girl as a memory from the party.

Princess Body Glitter

Girls can mix their own body glitter with this simple recipe.

You'll Need

cup aloe vera gel

fine polyester glitter

One small cosmetic travel container for each girl the kind you might put hand cream in with a screw top.

To Make: Fill the containers 1/4 full with aloe gel. Pour a small amount of glitter in the container. Provide wood craft sticks or plastic coffee stir straws to the girls for mixing. Add more gel until the mix is complete. Close the lid. Decorate sticker labels with gel pens and attach it to the container.

Princess Face Painting

Purchase standard face paint or make your own.

Images to paint for this theme are: roses, tiaras, glass slippers, twinkling diamonds or stars, castles and hearts. We use a very fine dusting glitter to make every picture sparkle. You can find this in crafts stores or in the cosmetic department. Some children don't want a picture but may want to have sparkling cheeks, Use Aloe Vera gel and the glitter applied with a Q-tip.

Paint a Take-Home Treasure:

Making or purchase plaster-of-paris figures of ballet slippers, butterflies, for the girls to paint and take home as a party favor. Plan this as the first activity so they can dry before the girls leave for home.

Princess Pea Guessing Game:

We have a jar decorated with lace and ribbons filled with dried peas. The girls will each guess how many peas they think are in the jar, and the winner gets a small prize.

Pin the Tail on the Unicorn:

Draw or find a Unicorn poster and play pin the tail.

Make Star Wands:

Cut star shapes from thin wood or poster board. Glue to a length of dowel and spray-paint gold. The girls can decorate their own wand with glitter-glue, stickers and foil confetti.

Jewelry making:

Purchase "pony beads" pipe cleaners. The girls will string the beads on the chenille sticks to make bracelets. This activity is great for younger girls. For older girls use satin ribbon and beads.

Pass the Apple

Have the girls sit in a circle on the floor and pass the apple while music is playing. When the music stops, the girl who has the apple is out. Continue until one girl remains.

Piñata Fun

Fill a Castle Piñata with small princess toys, plastic jeweled rings and candy. Piñata's also make wonderful decorations!


For more game ideas and activities go here.

Princess Party Favors

Keeping with the theme of the day, you want your princess party favors to thrill your party guests and remind them of the special birthday they have attended. For inspiration think of princess related things like glitter, rings, bracelets, nail polish, fairy dust glitter, princess stickers, gold wrapped chocolate coins. Favors do not have to be expensive, you can create your own favors simply with little expense.

Some ideas for Princes Party Favors that you can do yourself.

Lifesaver Candy Roll Wrappers

You will need a graphics program and some princess themed graphics to design your own Lifesaver Wrapper. You should make your new image 2.45" X 2.10" . Add your background and graphics. Print out.

Cut your wrappers and glue around your lifesaver roll. Tie with a ribbon or raffia.

For this princess crown design wrapper we used a pre-made template out of the Princess Theme Birthday Printables Package.

It is a good idea if you are wrapping candy or chocolate bars to leave the original label on underneath your own wrapper.

Princess Themed Birthday Favor Bag

You will need a the free gift bag template found here.

Put the template into a graphics program and design the front portion of the template with your own beach themed graphic and write your name and date of your special day on the front.

Print and cut out the template onto a light weight card stock. Fold on the dashed lines and cut on the heavy lines.

Assemble your favor bag and finish the bag by wrapping with ribbon all the way around the bag at the bottom .

Punch 2 holes in the top of the folded bag where indicated and thread ribbon through the holes and tie a knot in both sides of the ribbon so it won't come through.

You can fill these little favor bags with body glitter, glittered lip balm, small glitter nail polish, pink and white candies, wrapped gold chocolate coins or anything a young princess might like.

For this bag we used a pre-made bag template out of the Princess Birthday Printables Package and then just added our name to the front before printing.

Pretty Magic Fairy Dust Package

Download the free sachet template here and save to your computer.

Download the free template and create your own graphics in a graphic program and add to the template.

Print out the template and cut and fold where indicated.

Glue the sachet bag together and wrap with ribbon. You can add anything you like inside the little sachet. Dried rose petals, glitter, fairy dust, bath beads.

For this sachet we used a pre-made template out of the Princess Birthday Printables Package .

Princess Party Food Ideas

Princess Party Cake Decorating Ideas

Castle Cake

Castle Cake

Dream Castle Cake

Princess Cake

Cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches (you can cut these with star, heart, diamond etc. shaped cookie cutters). Sprinkle the tops with shredded coconut. Put the sandwiches on a paper lace doily and serve the punch in a tea cup. High tea fit for a princess.

Princess punch (raspberry sherbet and Sprite) Just before you serve the glass of punch sprinkle some popping candy into the glass and it will pop and fizz like magic.

Pink lemonade

Royal strawberries (chocolate-dipped strawberries)

Heart-shaped or star-shaped rice crispy treat wands (you can add a stick in them to look like wands; also you can dip in chocolate and add sprinkles for more of the wand effect)

Princess Birthday Party Favor Printables.

This downloadable package has a princess theme on a pink striped background. It has 4 pre-made templates: a lifesaver wrapper, a gift favor bag, a fairy dust envelope, and a blank birthday invitation. These come with graphics and are ready for you to insert your name and birth date either by using a graphic program or hand writing in calligraphy.

Download Birthday Package only $2.00

Disney Princess Party in a Box

Princess Deluxe Party Kit

Lil' Princess 1st Birthday Party Supplies - Deluxe Pack



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