Pirate Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Have a swashbuckling pirate party for your child. What could be more fun than life on the high seas, searching for hidden treasure and adventure. You can bring the bring the flavor of a real priate bash to your birthday party. Think of pirates , patches and parrots, put them together with treasure and adventure and you have a party fit for a pirate.

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Pirate Party Invitations - Pirate Party Decorations - Pirate Party Activities - Pirate Party Favor Ideas - Pirate Party Food Ideas

Pirate Party Invitations

You can easily make your own Pirate Birthday Party Invitations with a little imagination and few supplies. Use nautical graphics, ships, skull and cross bones, pirate flags, pirates, parrots, old maps, coins, treasure chests.

Scroll invitations: Tea dye paper to make it look aged. This is done very simply by letting computer paper sit in dark tea water for a few minutes. Hang to dry the paper and iron it flat. Make your invitation wording in a word program and print the paper.

We used a template for the invitation from the Pirate Party Printable Pack found here and burned the paper around the edges. Use caution if you are going to do this ! Burn with a lighter around the edges of the paper in the kitchen sink or outdoors. Have a bucket of water available to drop the paper in if you need to. Burn only small sections at a time.

Roll the paper into a tube and tie with a ribbon or string. Use a plastic water bottle. Take off the label and make your own label for the front. Put seashells in the bottom of the bottom and put in your rolled up invitation. Hand deliver your party invitations.

Wording for your invitation may read:

Ahoy There Matey

Ye Be invited to the Pirate Ship

Brithday Party of Cap'tn (child's name)

Ship docked at:

Time of Swashbukcling Bash:

Pirate Party Decorations

What could be greater at a Pirate Party than a Pirate Ship. Make your own ship out of cardboard boxes for that special buckeneer.

Mr. McGroovy's web site offers free plans for how to built this great pirate ship out of cardboard boxes.  With a little time you will have a wonderful addition to your pirate party. Take digital photographs of the party guests and print them out so they have a fun memory to take home. Get the plan and instructions for building the pirate ship at Mr. McGroovy's Pirate Adventure.

Decorate with special pirate balloons or use black, blue and white balloons hang black and blue streamers from the celilings. Add pirate flags with skull and cross bones on the walls.

Cut out cardboard anchors and other nautical items to place around the party room or yard. Hang treasure maps on the walls.

A halloween skeleton hanging on the front door would be a eerie welcome for the pirates.

Make a treasure chest out of a styrofoam cooler. Paint it black and decorate with stuck on gold coins. Make a lock and key for the front. Pirate chest could be used to keep the birthday presents until the Captain is ready to open them.

Make treasure map placemats for the table and scatter the table with gold foil covered coins. Cover the table with fish netting and place around small seashells or plastic fish.

Make a pirate placecard for each guest and glue small sea shells around the edge or glue a chocolate covered gold coin to side. Use a 4" square card folded in half for this.

Pirate Party Activities

Make a Telescope

Make eye patches out of black foam and elastic bands.Eye Patches

Buccaneer Hats - For 12 hats1 pkg. or 12 sheets 20x30 inch black tissue paper

For each hat, fold a sheet of tissue into a 20x15 inch rectangle. Now fold the rectangle into a 10x15 inch rec., with the major fold at the top. Fold the corners of each top side down 7 inches and crease. There should be about a 1 inch space at the top. Fold bottom on each side up 1-1/2 inches. Crease. Fold up 1-1/2 inches again and crease. Turn hat over and repeat on the other side. Staple hat together at edges. On the right side of hat, slightly off center, staple a feather behind the cuff or brim. Stick a gold seal over the staple.

Pirate Scavenger Hunt- Hide several items in the house or yard and give each child a paper bag and a list to find each item. First one done with all the items wins a prize. You could also play this game as teams.

For an inexpensive but effective goody bag, use a black lunch bag with a skull and crossbones sticker on it.

Piñata Fun

Fill a Piñata with small toys, gold coins and candy. Piñata's also make wonderful decorations!

For more game ideas and activities go here

Pirate Party Food Ideas

Pirate Party Cake Decorating Ideas

Pirate Cake

Pirate Ship Cake

Treasure Chest Cake

Pirate Ships

Make the boats from halved bread rolls covered with peanut butter, with paper sails on cocktail sticks.

Fish Bowl Jello

Use a new fish bowl and make blue jello as per instructions. Add gummy fish and other sea animals. gummy candy. Let set and serve for dessert.

Serve Grog

Give them some Grog served in interesting bottles or large mugs.  Grog could be root beer or coke . Label the bottle with big letters GROG.



Pirate's Treasure Party Supplies - Deluxe Pack

Pirates of the Caribbean Party Supplies - Deluxe Pack



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