How to Use An Embroidery Hoop Tutorial

Do It 101 How To Use an Embroidery Hoop Tutorial.

The purpose of an embroidery hoop is to hold the fabric taut during stitching so stitch tension can be kept even and consistent. Hoops may be made of wood, plastic, or metal and are available in different diameter sizes ranging form 4 inches to 12 inches. The wood hoops usually have a screw on the outer rim and the metal hoops are spring activated.

To secure the fabric in a hoop, see the instructions below, make sure that your fabric is straight in both directions with the threads running up and down. .

When you think you have your fabric in the hoop correctly, tap in gently on the top it should sound like a drum. Delicate materials such as silk or wools you should be a little more cautious in how tightly you pull your fabric to avoid ripping. Some people like to put tissue paper between the rings to prevent the fabric from getting marred.

Try to use a hoop big enough so that you can center your design in the middle of the hoop and not have to move your hoop . Moving the hoop over nicely made stitches and stretching the stitches or bending them is not a good idea.

Spring Hoop

1. Place the outside ring, this is the one that is in a complete circle, usually colored, flat on a hard surface.

2. Position your fabric over top of the round ring.

3. Take your spring metal inner mechanism as squeeze the handles together Place the metal ring on top of your fabric and push down until the entire ring is inside the outer ring. Release the spring.

4. Turn your hoop over and you should have your material taunt. If it is not as taunt as you would like, pull gently on the side of the material until it is firm and sounds drum like when you tap it with your fingers.

Wooden Hoop

1. Place the inner ring flat on a hard surface. This is the ring with out the screw in it.

2. Lay your material over the top of the ring centered or where you wish it placed..

3. Place the outside ring, the one with the screw over the material and inner ring. You may have to loosen the screw to get the hoop over both material and inner ring. Move your hands around the outside of the ring until it is sitting snugly over the material and inner ring pull the material gently all around until it is centered.

4. Tighten the screw on the side, pulling your material all around until material is taunt.

Always remove your hoop after you are finished working on your project.


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