Bridal Shower Crafts Games and Ideas

Throw a memorable Bridal Shower with these do it yourself craft, games and ideas for a wonderful evening for the new bride to be and her guests. Easy to make crafts, favors, ideas for decorating for a bridal shower as well as some great cake and food ideas.

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Planning a Bridal Shower can be fun and inexpensive. There are many great ideas to make the shower memorable to your guests and special guest the Bride. Use a little creativity to come up with a shower that is both creative and will provide lasting memories for the Bride both during and after the shower.

Wedding Shower Games

Balloon Pop Game

You will neeed little strips of paper and some balloons. Write on each slip of paper with a colored pen. On all but one strip of paper write "Thanks's for coming to "Bride's Name" wedding shower. On the winning strip of paper write "YOU WON".

Insert the little strips of paper inside the balloon before blowing them up. Blow up the balloons and give a balloon to each guest. They must sit on the balloon until it pops. The winner is the guest who get's the balloon with the strip of paper that says "YOU WON". Give the guest a small prize.

The Wedding Dress

Buy several rolls of white toilet paper. At the party, divide the guests into two or more groups of 3-5 people. Each group must choose a model for their wedding dress . The goal is for each group to design and fashion a "wedding dress" out of toilet paper. Accessories are allowed (earrings, bouquets, trains, headpieces, wedding ring, etc.), but they must all be fashioned out of toilet paper. Once the groups are finished, the bride must pick the winner of the contest. Make sure that you set a time limit for this event. Usually 15 minutes is plenty of time and adds a fun and hectic mode to the game.

Famous Couples

With this game write a list of one half of a famous couple, real life and fictitious, guests try to guess the other half of the couple. For instance the couples could be : Adam & Eve , Annie Oakley & Frank Butler, Anthony & Cleopatra ,Barbie & Ken , Bert & Ernie, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow , Burt Reynolds &Loni Anderson , Cliff & Claire Huckstable, Connie Chung & Maury Povich, Dagwood Bumstead & Blondie Boopadoop, Dan Aykroyd & Donna Dixon , Donald and Daisy Duck, Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Pickford , Elvis Presley & Priscilla Presley , Ernest Borgnine & Ethel Merman , Fred Flintstone & Wilma Slaghoople , Gomez & Morticia Addams, Grace Stafford & Walter Lantz , Herman & Lilly Muster , Homer Simpson & Marge Bouvier , John Lennon & Yoko Ono , Napoleon Bonaparte & Josephine, Samson & Delilah , Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman, Vivienne Leigh & Tony Curtis, Warren Beatty & Annette, Bening Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown , Will Smith & Jada Pinkett, Woody Allen & Soon-Yi Previn .

Guest fill out the answers in a note pad the guest with the most correct answers receives a small prize.

Guess the Ingredient

Fill ziplock bags with the following items: flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda, powdered sugar, cornstarch, cream of tartar, powdered milk, unflavored gelatin, Bisquick. Number each bag and keep a list. Guests are allowed to feel and look at the bag, but not open it. They guess what is in each bag. The person with the most answers gets the prize.

The Price Is Right

Take 20-25 grocery items (or as many as you want) and make a list. Be very specific. List brand names and sizes and have your guests fill in prices next to each item. Then have them total their lists. The guest who's list is closest to the correct total wins!

Herbs and Spices

This game is particularly suitable if you are giving a kitchen theme wedding shower. Get ten paper cups and place a different herb or spice in each cup, having marked the side of the cup with a number. Cover each cup with paper or foil and make a small hole in the cover. Each guest has to guess the spice in each cup by the smell and write down the herb or spice, next to the number on their note pad. The guest who can identify the most spices correctly wins the game.

Couples Quiz

Type up multiple-choice quizzes with trivia about the bride and groom. (Ask relatives for anecdotes from their childhood and teen years.) For example, "What is Steve's all-time favorite cereal?" or "Which famously bad hairdo did Maggie sport at age 6?" Give each guest a quiz and a pencil. Reading the questions aloud makes the game more entertaining. Whoever gets the most answers right wins a prize.

Wedding Shower Cakes

Bridal Shower Cake By Wilton (Shown above)

How To Make A Bridal Shower Towel Cake

Wedding Shower Bells Cake

Heart party cakes are individual cakes to serve guests at a bridal shower party. These individual cakes are easy to make and fit the bridal shower theme. Place them on serving trays for the party and guests can serve themselves.

How To Make Individual Heart Shaped Cakes

This is realitively easy and you can use what ever cake recipe you like or use pre bought cake mixes in a box. Make as many flat sheet cakes as you need. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out little hearts after the cake is cooked and cooled . A trick is to put the cakes in the freezer for about 40 minutes to help with easier heart cutting.

Ice all the little cakes completely. Butter cream icing works best. And decorate with the Bride's wedding colors.

Make the Dress White

Bridal Shower Downloads

Bridal Shower Bingo Game Free

Bingo Card Generator Printer (Program Free Trial)

Bridal Shower Invitation Template Free

Bridal Shower Games Printables Free

Bridal Shower Word Scramble Printable

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Make a unique gift book for the Bride by asking each guest to bring a favorite recipe handwritten on a recipe card and signed. As the guests come into the shower, take a digital picture of the guest. When the shower is over print each picture on your printer and glue it to the handwritten recipe and include it in a nice recipe box. Lasting memories.

Give the bride a gift that can be handed down or kept as a heirloom. Hand made afghan or quilt.

Go with a room theme and create your own gift basket. Kitchen theme may include small items used in the kitchen wrapped in a basket with a tea towel. Bathroom basket may include soaps and towels and a fancy soap dish. You can go with a particular food theme like spagetti and include in the basket a cook book for pasta, some spagetti bowls, a spagetti jar.

There are many beautiful baskets for sale that are already made and can be bought at a reasonable price.

Wedding Shower Invitations

Depending on the size of your shower, you can send invitation by mail or
telephone the guests. Make sure that you include in your invitation the
date, time and location of the event as well as any information such as if
you are giving a theme party what the guest may bring to follow the theme.

Example of Bridal Shower Wording:

You're invited to a Bridal Shower For Mandy Howes
15 July @ 7:00 pm
1015 Bridal Lane
Lima, Ohio
R.S.V.P. to Mary Beck (555) 555-0000
Mandy is registered at Brides International

A great idea for making your own Baby Shower Invitations is to take a graphic of a household item or a wedding items such as wedding cake or doves or a bride and groom and leave a small part uncut so that when it is folded it can be opened.

Wedding Shower Themes and Decorating Ideas

A gift basket shower. Each person attending the shower brings a themed gift baskt (office supplies, kitchen, pasta, relax & enjoy, date night, etc). It allows each attendee to express their own style, and the bride to be gets a varitey of nice items. Creativity is the key!

A shower where everyone brought "something they can't live without!" Eeveryone can bring a little something and added a tid-bit to why they can't live with out. For example: bottle of wine w/ wine charms & glasses, dish towels and dishes, bath pillow etc.

"Clueless Gourmet" shower where everyone needs to bring recipe and some of the equipment needed to prepare it. (ie. cookies and fancy cookie cutters, favorite smoothie and smoothie maker, fav. grilled chicken and BBQ tools).

A container shower. (probably like a gift basket shower) Ask all of the guests to bring gifts that were "containers" of some sort. Containers can be anything from baskets, to tupperware to suitcases. Have all of the food be container themes as well, a watermelon cut like a basket filled with fruit, etc.

Hosting a Bridal Shower Can be a lot of fun. Remember that Bridal Showers don't have to be
elaborate or expensive. A little creativity and some careful planning will ensure that your party is a success.

Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Think creative cakes, food stations and finger foods—guests will invariably gather around the food tables to chat while nibbling on an assortment of food.

Bridal Shower Cookies

There are many hundreds of shapes of cookie cutters available. Pick a couple of cookie cutters that resemble baby toys, bears, ducks. Make a simple sugar cookie recipe and ice your cookies.

Pastel Colored Shower Punch

1 can of Pink Lemonade Frozen for Girls or Yellow Lemonade if you want pale yellow and
if you want blue add blue raspberry kool aid
If you use blue kool aid add 3/4 cup sugar otherwise do not add sugar
4 cans of cold water
(10 ounce) can frozen Piña Colada mix, thawed
1 (2 liter) bottle of 7-Up or Sprite

Shower Punch

2 cups orange juice
2 cups cold tea
6 cups Ginger ale
2 lemons
2 oranges
1 cup sugar
2 cups soda water
8 cups cracked ice

Serve easy to eat, easy to serve foods such as vegetable trays,
meat and cheese trays with crackers or small buns.
Fresh fruit trays with an assortment of cheeses.

Easy to make dips to serve with your fruit trays or vegetable trays.

Easy Fruit Dip for A Fruit Tray

1 (8 oz.) carton Cool Whip
1 (3 3/4 oz.) pkg. instant vanilla pudding
1/3 cup amaretto

Combine Cool Whip and pudding. Blend in amaretto. Refrigerate. Stir before using.
Serve with fresh strawberries, pineapple cubes, Mandarin oranges and bananas

Shaped Creamy Cheese Sandwiches -

Bridal Shower Recipe

Sandwiches are always a popular finger food for shower parties. And cream cheese sandwiches in particular are a good choice as they hold together well; this makes them ideal for cutting into romantic shapes such as hearts or bells or perhaps a shape linked to a bridal shower theme such as a butterfly or flower. To make them a little more interesting why not try one of the listed suggested additional ingredients.

Note: as a guide for every 2 tablespoons of cream cheese you will need about 2 teaspoons of any other ingredient.


Sliced bread of your choice

Cream Cheese

A little milk

Suggested additional ingredients





Red or green pepper

Carrot (grated)

‘Cooking Instructions’

To make the sandwiches first put the cheese into a bowl and beat until creamy - it helps if you add a few drops of milk - then simply add one or more of the suggested ingredients or an ingredient of your choice.

Now butter the sliced bread, spread one slice with the mixture and then top with a second slice. Then, using a cookie cutter, simply cut into whatever shape you choose. Alternatively cut into four neat triangles.

Sandwiches can of course be made in advance however, to prevent them from drying out, they should be covered with foil or similar until needed.

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Bath Salt Favors

Very easy to make and inexpensive is a little jar of bath salts colored to suit your shower theme. Buy inexpensive tiny jars or use washed out baby jars. Layer your bath salts in the jar and tie with a pretty bow and ribbon rose. We printed a round graphic that says Bridal shower on the lid. You could also cover the lid with a piece of material in shades of your theme.

Bath Salt Recipe

Start with a large mixing bowl and a spoon or other utensil. Add 3 cups of Epsom salt, 2 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of table salt into the bowl. When all ingredients are added, begin mixing them with your hand or a spoon. Next, slowly add food coloring of your choice to the mixture. Regular food coloring will work perfectly and should be added according to the color that you desire.

Votive Candle Favor

Bridal shower favors can be pretty and still cost you pennies. Buy the large bags of votive candles in a pretty scent like vanilla . Many of the dollar stores have these in bags of 100. Stack 2 or 3 of the votive candles on top of one another and wrap in a small circle of material we used a blue net . Tie with a pretty ribbon and add a tag if you like. Design these favors to match your decorating theme.

A very nice idea could be a small recipe card holder for each guest. You can help you send a special message to your friends, while providing them with something they can use for a long time after. You can buy recipe holders online, or at most department, or even office supply stores. Many showers have kitchen tools as a theme, and what better compliment than a recipe box? You can include a card with a special message, or even include a favorite recipe of your own. After the shower, your guests can reach for a new recipe and think of the new couple!

Door prizes can be given at any time throughout the shower. There is no limit to the number of door prizes you give. Small gifts like scented candles, body lotion, small sewing kits, gift certificates to a movie, handmade items like gifts in a jar decorated with baby materials make a nice and easy gift.

IClever Gift Tie

Spice up your gift with a clever gift tie...for kitchen gifts, tie measuring cups or measuring spoons to the wrapped gift.

The Hostess Who Thought of Everything!

As the hostess, it's your job to think of everything... so don't forget to pick up some blank thank you cards for the bride, in addition to having someone keep track of what gifts were received.

Ask each guest to bring a few photos of themselves and the bride. Hand out pens and paper and, at the shower, have them write captions for the photos. Place the photos in an album, and affix the captions underneath. Pass the album around for guests to look at.

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