PSP TUTORIAL Make a Mother's Day Bookmark

This is a nice tutorial to make a digital bookmark. These bookmarks would be great included with a card or as a special gift for mom or grandma on mother's day. Compliments of Karen From the Window .They could also be adapted for other special holidays. Very simple PSP tutorial . Happy crafting!

Making A Mother’s Day Bookmark


For this tutorial you will need:

PSP (Paint Shop Pro)

One Background Tile

A Font of your Choice

PSP Tubes, PNG images or a transparent image of your choice

I am using Mother’s Day Elements offered by

Two Sisters Doodles

Click Picture to See These Graphics and Many More

A bookmark template can be downloaded here

or you can make one of your own.

This tutorial was created using PSP version 8.10,

but can be done in other versions.

Images are reduced in size for tutorial purposes.

1. Download the bookmark template and save to a folder of your choice.

2. Open up your bookmark template in PSP or your graphics program.

3. Open up a nice background tile in PSP or make one of your own.

4. Open up your PSP tubes/transparent images or png format images in PSP. Minimize them for use later.

5. Pick two colors that compliment your images/tubes for your foreground and background.

6. Take your magic wand click inside the bookmark line.

7. Add a new layer – Layers/New Raster Layer while the marching ants are inside your bookmark line – Go to Selections/Modify/Expand by 1 pixel.

8. Keep Selected. Click on your Color Pallet and find your background tile in the patterns tab. Click okay.

9. Now flood fill your bookmark with your foreground pattern tile by clicking inside the marching ants. Select None to close the marching ants.

10. Move this layer below layer 1 in your layer pallet. You can drag it down below the bottom layer while in your layer pallet or go to Layers/Arrange/Move to Bottom.

11. Make your tubes/transparent images active. Click on one of the images – Choose Edit/Copy.

12. Go to your bookmark working image and Choose Edit/Paste As A New Layer.

13. Reduce your image to a size you like – Go to Image/Resize – Resize All Layers Unchecked – Resample Using: Bicubic – Pixel Dimensions set to Percentage. I reduced 60% for the hat. But you can pick a percentage that you like for your images.

14. Activate your other tube/transparent image if you decide to use more than one. Repeat steps 11 – 13. You may add a drop shadow to your images. Mine already had a drop shadow.

15. Your layer pallet should look like mine below. I have named my layers for easy identification, but this is up to you.

16. Make sure your top layer is highlighted and choose a font you like. Settings are: Vector – I used Comic Sans Font – Size 16 – Anti-alias – Bold These settings will be different depending on the font chosen.

17. Type your text – use the center vector node to move your text to center. Use the outside nodes for sizing if necessary.

18. Go to your layer pallet and Right Click on the Vector text layer. Choose Convert To Raster Layer in the pop up menu.

19. I applied a drop shadow to the text with these settings.

Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow:

Vertical and Horizontal = 1; Opacity = 81; Blur = 1.00; Color = Black

You Are Done!

Save your bookmark as a .jpg.

Print and Cut it out.

You can print your bookmark on card stock.

You can also cover it in clear contact paper, then trim the edges and cut out the hole at the top.

Lace a nice ribbon or cord through the hole.

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