Black and White Wedding Theme

The black and white wedding theme is a classic style and sets the mood for sparkling centerpieces . The simplicity of a white and black and brings the bride and groom to the fore front of the wedding celebrations. With the use of different textures and combinations of black and white in stripes and yes, even polka dots, you can bring your black and white wedding alive and make it have a contemporary feel.

We have put together a do it yourself page featuring classic white and black themed wedding favors, wedding invitation tutorial and lots of ideas for centerpieces and decorations. It is easy to create a classic black and white themed wedding atmosphere with little expense if you are willing to spend some time creating things yourself.

Free Black and White Wedding Thank You
Printable Card Kit

- 4 X 5 card & envelope .pdf templates

- MS Word .doc for inside message.

- print as many cards as you want on your inkjet printer.


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Attire- Wedding Invitations - Wedding Favors - Wedding Centerpieces - Wedding Decorations

Black and White Wedding Attire

The black and white wedding theme lends itself to a more formal wedding reminiscent of the glamour days of the 40's. This theme is perfect for large church weddings and weddings held inside reception halls or elegant hotel wedding rooms. Your wedding attire, including the bridesmaids should reflect the simplicity of this wedding.

The Bride

The wedding gown should be a classic, sleek gown . Most of these kinds of dresses have an interesting cut, a bit of glittery ornamentation on the straps, and very clean lines. The look is tailored and elegant

Raised embroidered details near the hem would look lovely. Add a long chiffon scarf draped around the front of the neck, over the shoulders and hanging down the back of the dress.

A simple line dress with a bit of black embroidery would be a stunning touch to a black and white wedding theme.


Keep the accessories simple. Select a short veil held in place by a glittering headband or tiara to add a touch of glamour. Many veils are available with different colors of trim on the bottom. For your black and white wedding select one with a hint of black embroidery on the bottom. Gloves are a great glamour touch with a sleeveless gown.

Bridesmaids should be dressed in black with a hint of color on a sash if you like. Groom and groomsmen should wear black tuxes with white shirts and a black bow tie. If you like to add a big color to your wedding the cumberbunds or hankerchiefs could be of the contrasting color.

Black and White Wedding Invitations

You can easily make your own Wedding Invitation with a little imagination and few supplies. The black and white elements of your wedding should be reflected throughout the day including your invitations.

A simple yet elegant invitation tutorial follows below. Keep in mind that your invitation should reflect who you are as well as the theme of your wedding. Don't forget that you can use many textures in your theme even if you are only using black and white. Texture is what adds the touch of sophistication and glamour. Don't be afraid to experiment with different things until you get the feel you want.

Black and White Wedding Invitation Tutorial

Materials Needed:

Graphics Program Or Word Program

Heart Paper Punch

Card stock white and black



Photo Corners

Glue Stick

1. Our card above is made with 3 layers of paper. You could omit one layer if you wished. The first layer is white cardstock cut 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".

2. Cut your second layer of paper. We used black light weight card stock. Cut the second layer of paper 8 1/4" x 51/4".

3. You want to now type your invitation in a word program or graphic program. The wording should be centered in 6 1/2" x 4 1/2". Print these off and cut to the above size.

4. Select a hole punch that is elegant such as the one we selected above which is an entwined heart. There are many lovely paper punches including doves and angels that would work well for a wedding invitation, even a plain heart punch works well. We want to use the paper punch on the last white layer.

5. Assemble your card. Place the four black photo corners on your top white paper . Make sure they are secure. Glue the top invitation to the black making sure you measure and center it. Glue the black paper to the last white layer centering it.

6. We added a black ribbon wrapped around the entire card and knotted in the front. Under the ribbon we slipped two feathers, one white and one black. Feel free to experiment with this last part , you may want to just tie your invitation with a ribbon either black or white.

Black and White Wedding Favors

Keeping with the theme of the day, you want your wedding favors to inspire thoughts of glamour, simplicity and a touch of whimsy keeping with a black and white theme.

CD Cover Favor

Download the free CD Cover Template here. Cut the template out using black card stock. Fold and glue the CD cover as the directions indicate.

Make a slit down the middle of the folded CD cover and folk back the edges to make little lapels.

You can add a label we used a label 3"x2" and added our own graphics and then applied it to the front of the CD label.

Lifesaver Candy Roll Wrappers

You will need a graphics program and some beach themed graphics to design your own Lifesaver Wrapper. You should make your new image 2.45" X 2.10" . Add your background and graphics. Print out.

Cut your wrappers and glue around your lifesaver roll. Tie with a ribbon or raffia.

For this black and white striped wrapper we used a pre-made template out of the Black and White Theme Wedding Printables Package.

It is a good idea if you are wrapping candy or chocolate bars to leave the original label on underneath your own wrapper.

Pentagon Box Favor

Download the free box template here and save to your computer.

Print the template on normal paper and cut around the outside dark lines on your good card stock. Fold on the dashed lines. You can make this little box plain white and tie with a black bow as we have shown in the picture, or you can cut the top out of black paper and the bottom out of white.

If you wish to design your own graphic on the template use a graphics program.

Tie your box with a black or a white ribbon with a bow on the top.

For this box we used a pre-made template out of the Black and White Theme Wedding Printables Package.

Wedding Favor Bag

You will need a the free gift bag template found here.

Put the template into a graphics program and design the front portion of the template with your own beach themed graphic and write your name and date of your special day on the front.

Print and cut out the template onto a light weight card stock. Fold on the dashed lines and cut on the heavy lines.

Assemble your favor bag and finish the bag by wrapping with ribbon all the way around the bag at the bottom and adding a bow to top.

You can fill these little favor bags with a couple of chocolates, mints, wrapped candy, small seashells whatever you wish to give your guests.

For these bags we used a pre-made bag template out of the Black and White Theme Wedding Printables Package and then just added our name to the front before printing.

Wine Bottle Free Drink Ticket Folder Wedding Favor

Download the free bottle card template here and save to your computer.

Download the free template and create your own graphics in a graphic program and add to the template.

Print out the template and cut and fold where indicated.

We added a free complementary Drink Ticket inside our little card and then tied it with a red ribbon.

For this cute wine bottle design we used a pre-made template out of the Black and White Wedding Printables Package and then just added our name to the front before printing. .

There are many online store that carry a wide array of black and white wedding favors and here are a couple of our favorites from

Black and White Wedding Centerpieces

Decorate your tables with simple yet elegant Beach themed centerpieces. These ideas below are very simple and with little time or money you can add a touch of the seashore to your table .

Buy inexpensive black 3 tier candlelabras, Wind the leaves and flowers up through the layers . Arrange cut flowers on the table and around the base of the candle holder. Use white candles.

Go for a simple arrangement of large and small clear glass containers. Wrap the large glass container with a black bow and insert large pillar candle. Place green leaves and vines surrounded by white flowers.

Add a shimmer of glamour to your tables. Here we started off with an inexpensive large black vase. Filled it with white flowers and greenery. We tied a tulle bow on the front, used crystal candle holders on each side with white candles, you could use black and sprinkled the table with small black hearts.

Black and White Wedding Decorations

The following are just a few decorating ideas:

Remember to keep it simple and uncluttered.

For pew markers choose large white bows with a black center knot.

Use white tablecloths, black napkins, black dishes or reverse this if possible and isn't too expensive (black tablecloth, white napkins, white plates).

Use black and white balloons for arches and balloon bouquets. Tie black balloons with white ribbon, white balloons with black ribbon.

On tables, use white flower arrangements in black ceramic vases.

Fill a clear, wide vase or jar with black and white marbles/beads, etc. and set a white or black candle inside. Alternate the candle colors on different tables.

Sprinkle the tablecloths with small sparkling stars or shapes in black if using a white tablecloth and white if using a black tablecloth.

Have your cake decorated in white with bands of black around each layer and the classic bride and groom on top..

Black and White Themed Wedding Favor Printables.

This downloadable package has an elegant black and white motif with a striped black and white background. It has 5 pre-made templates: a lifesaver wrapper, a wedding wine bottle favor that holds a complementary drink ticket (template included) , 2 favor bags, one black and white striped and one tuxedo bag, and a small pentagon box with a lid for a truffle or chocolate. These come with no writing on the label. Each template has graphics and is ready for you to insert your name and wedding date either by using a graphic program or hand writing and then print .

Download Black and White Themed Package only $2.00


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No ceremony is complete without the kiss. In fact, there was a time when an engagement would be null and void without one. Dating back from early Roman times, the kiss represented a legal bond that sealed all contracts.

The veil was eastern, in origin and was introduced into Europe by returning crusaders. Eastern women wore it to ward off the 'Evil Eye'. It was not taken off until after the wedding ceremony and a sign to the groom that his bride was pure. Purity has continued to be associated with veils.

Throwing Rice originated in the Orient where having rice means having a full pantry. So the newlywed couple was showered with rice, grains or nuts to wish them abundance and good luck in their new life together.

Resource E-Book Downloadable. Includes quotations, poems, card insert poetry, titles, printable tags, printable words, card templates, favor box and basket templates, CD covers and card ideas all with a wedding theme.

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