Baby Shower Crafts Games and Ideas

Throw a memorable Baby Shower with these do it yourself craft, games and ideas for a wonderful evening for the new mother to be and her guests. Easy to make baby shower crafts, favors, ideas for decorating for a baby shower as well as some great cake and food ideas.
Free Baby Shower

Name Tag

Print as many of these name tags as you want on your inkjet printer, layout supplied 8-up on stock Avery label #8395 template.


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Hosting a Baby Shower Can be a lot of fun. Remember that Baby Showers don't have to be elaborate or expensive. A little creativity and some careful planning will ensure that your party is a howling success. Women through the centuries and in many cultures have celebrated the arrival of the new baby and helped the mother-to-be in the transition to motherhood.

Free Printable Baby Favor and Invitation Kits

Download and Print these inexpensive Baby Shower Kits. Each kit comes with a editable Baby Shower Invitation and matching envelope, 3 favor templates that can be edited in a word document and a guest name tag.

Free Blue Bear Baby Shower Invitation and Favor Kit

Download Here

Free Pink Bear Baby Shower Invitation and Favor Kit

Download Here

Free Green Bear Baby Shower Invitation and Favor Kit

Download Here

Beautiful and easy download and print Baby Shower Invitations. Many baby shower invitations available for boys and girls. Print as many as you need and edit the wording in word. Prints 2 to a page on normal printer paper. Available at Timeless Treasure Trunk .

Baby Shower Games

Who's That Beautiful Baby?

When mailing the invitations, enclose a request to have each guest bring their baby picture to the party. At the beginning of the party put each photo into a zip lock baggy with a number showing on the back. Bring out the photos on a bulletin board tacked up using the edges of the baggy and have each guest guess who belongs to which picture. The one who guesses the most wins. It's a nice ice breaker - so do this game early on.

Paper Baby Shape

Give each guest a piece of paper. Whenever you say go, they have to try to tear out their paper into the shape of a baby while holding the paper behind their backs. Allow them a couple of minutes to do this. Whoever has the best baby wins. Have the guests sign their babies and give them to the mom to be.

Pacifier Game

Buy some inexpensive pacifiers and tie them on colorful ribbons. When the shower guests arrive give them each a pacifier to wear. Explain that every time they see another guest cross their legs they can retrieve their pacifier. The one with the most pacifiers at the end of the party is the winner and gets a prize.

Name That Nursery Rhyme Game

Have papers numbered 1 through 10 and give them to each guest. Have the hostess read one or two lines of popular nursery rhymes (throw in a couple harder ones). The guest who guesses the most correct wins a prize.

Baby Item Memory Game

Before the game starts put 20 small items associated with babies on a tray. These should be items such as a diaper pin, socks, booties, bottle, toy, pacifier, baby brush, baby washcloth etc.

Give each of your guests a piece of paper and a pencil to write down their answers.

To start the game bring the tray into the room and place it where all the guests can see it but tell them not to touch, leave the tray in that position for one minute and tell the guests to memorize the items that are on the tray, then remove the tray from the room and give the guests five minutes to write down on pieces of paper what all the items were. The guest who gets the most items correct is the winner.

Name That Baby Tune

Record parts of songs that have the name "Baby" in the title. Play little pieces of the songs to your guests and have them write the song title on a sheet of paper. The one with the most song titles right wins! Make sure if you have a mixed age guest list that you pick songs from a few eras. Fun game!

Some idea for songs:

Baby-Baby-Baby - TLC
Baby Baby - Amy Grant
I Got You Babe - Sonny and Cher
Baby, It's Cold Outside - Ray Charles & Betty Carter OR Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me - Mac Davis
Hey Baby - Bruce Chantell
Baby, It's You - Shirelles
Baby Love - Supremes
Baby Come Back - Player
Don't Worry Baby - Beach Boys
Take Good Care of My Baby - Bobby Vee
There Goes My Baby - Drifters

Alphabet  Baby Name Game

Start the game by saying a baby name that starts with A. Have the person next to you continue with a B name, the next person with a C name and so forth. If a player cannot give a name within a 5 seconds during their turn, they are out of the game. Keep going until one player remains. This gets tricky after a few rounds, especially with X, Y and Z names.

How Many Things in the Baby Bottle Game

Fill a baby bottle full of some inexpensive item such as qtips or cotton balls. Have each guest guess how many are in the bottle. The closest to the actual number wins a small prize.

String Game

Pass around a ball of yarn and scissors; have each guest guess how long of a piece will wrap around the mom to be's waist. Once everyone has their string; measure the yarn around the mom's waist, cut and pass the mom’s string around to each guest to find who cut the closest one. The closest in length wins.

Baby Shower Cakes Ideas

An easy cake to make is a baby block cake.You can either make one large block or you can make three or four smaller blocks. Bake the cakes in a square cake pan and if need be cut the cut to make it perfectly square. Cover with white icing and pipe around the edges in a baby color. Decorate the middle and sides of the cake with numbers and letters . These cakes make a great centerpiece and you can dress them up even more by placing icing bows or small toys around the edges of the cakes.

Baby Bib

Baby Blocks Cake and Pictures

Baby Clothes Cake

Pink Blue and White Shower Cake

Baby Shower Downloads and Printables

Baby Shower Clipart

Free Baby Shower Basics E-book

Free Baby Shower Bingo Cards to Print

Free Baby Poetry

Free Printable Baby Shower Guest Lists Several Designs

Baby Shower Printables

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Purchase a baby hamper for the nursery or a bath basin and fill it with baby powder and lotion, q-tips, diaper rash oint. baby comb and brush, assorted jars of baby food and juices, baby cereal, nursing bottles and nipples, pacifier, thermometer . Wrap in a flannel blanket and tie with a bow. Keep in mind the items that people usually don't give as baby gifts, but things the mother will need in daily usage.

Purchase a baby size teddy bear and dress with it with a new born sleeper and wrap the teddy in a cozy baby blanket. Cute and unique gift idea.

Make a diaper cake always a welcome gift.

Baby Shower Diaper Cake with Instructions

Make a bouquet of baby sock roses.

Baby Sock Rose Instructions With Pictures

Give the baby a gift that can be handed down or kept as a heirloom. Hand made a baby afghan or special pair of crocheted booties for that special baby as a lasting gift.

Heirloom Baby Treasures at Timeless Treasure Trunk

Go with a baby theme or a theme and create your own gift basket. Sleepy time basket could include sleepers, soft music or white noise cd, a mobile for the crib, a sweet little night light, a pacifier. A bath time basket could include baby bath oil, lavender baby lotion, soft wash clothes for baby, a hooded towel a brush and comb set. Dinner time basket could include jars of baby food, bibs, bottles, feeding pillow, baby spoons, sippy cups.

There are many beautiful baby basket for sale that are already made and can be bought at a reasonable price.

Sweet Baby Care Package with Teddy Bear - New Baby Gift Basket - BABY GIRL PINK

Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Onesie Invitation Card and Tutorial

Depending on the size of your shower, you can send invitation by mail or
telephone the guests. Make sure that you include in your invitation the
date, time and location of the event as well as any information such as if
you are giving a theme party what the guest may bring to follow the theme.

Example of Baby Shower Wording:

You're invited to a Baby Shower For Mandy and Robert Howes!
15 July @ 7:00 pm
1015 Baby Lane
Lima, Ohio
R.S.V.P. to Mary Beck (555) 555-0000
Mandy is registered at Babies-R-Us

A great idea for making your own Baby Shower Invitations is to take a graphic of a child's toy or an item of baby clothes and cut out the shape making sure that you leave a fold on the side of the card so it can be opened if you wish an invitation that opens up.

Baby Shower Themes and Decorating Ideas

Diaper Party

Dream Theme

Teddy Bear Theme

Pamper Party

Stork Party

Book Party,

Noah's Ark Shower Party

Think Pink
Decorate everything with various shades of pink, from streamers and banners, to plates and utensils. On invitations, ask everyone to wear pink. Make sure the cake has pink frosting, serve a pink punch or pink lemonade. Party favors can include pink mints, and pink confetti and these would make a great table decoration.

Think Blue
Decorate everything with various shades of blue, from streamers and banners, to plates and utensils. On invitations, ask everyone to wear blue. Make sure the cake has blue frosting, serve a blue punch Party favors can include blue mints, and blue confetti and these would make a great table decoration.

Baby Shower Food Ideas

Baby Shower Cupcakes

These are beautiful flower decorated cupcakes.  So easy to make with just mini marshmallows and colored sugar. For tutorials click here for how to make colored sugar. Click here for the flower cupcake tutorial.

Baby Items Shaped Sugar Cookies

There are many hundreds of shapes of cookie cutters available. Pick a couple of cookie cutters that resemble baby toys, bears, ducks. Make a simple sugar cookie recipe and ice your cookies.

Pastel Colored Shower Punch

1 can of Pink Lemonade Frozen for Girls or Yellow Lemonade if you want pale yellow and
if you want blue add blue raspberry kool aid
If you use blue kool aid add 3/4 cup sugar otherwise do not add sugar
4 cans of cold water
(10 ounce) can frozen Piña Colada mix, thawed
1 (2 liter) bottle of 7-Up or Sprite

Shower Punch

2 cups orange juice
2 cups cold tea
6 cups Ginger ale
2 lemons
2 oranges
1 cup sugar
2 cups soda water
8 cups cracked ice

Serve easy to eat, easy to serve foods such as vegetable trays,
meat and cheese trays with crackers or small buns.
Fresh fruit trays with an assortment of cheeses.

Easy to make dips to serve with your fruit trays or vegetable trays.

Easy Fruit Dip for A Fruit Tray

1 (8 oz.) carton Cool Whip
1 (3 3/4 oz.) pkg. instant vanilla pudding
1/3 cup amaretto

Combine Cool Whip and pudding. Blend in amaretto. Refrigerate. Stir before using.
Serve with fresh strawberries, pineapple cubes, Mandarin oranges and bananas

Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Baby Shower Music CD Templates and Printables

Tea Bag Templates and Baby Shower Favor Tutorial

Cookie Favors

You can make your own cookie favors easily as well. You will need cookie batter from the grocery store and a cookie cutter shaped like a rubber duck, teddy bear, or any other baby items. You can use whatever flavor you want and give you cookies unique baby shower shapes. Wrap the cookie in pink or blue cellophane and tie with a matching bow.

Bath Salt Favors

Very easy to make and inexpensive is a little jar of bath salts colored to suit your shower theme. Buy inexpensive tiny jars or use washed out baby jars. Layer your bath salts in the jar and tie with a pretty bow and ribbon rose. We printed a round graphic that says Baby shower on the lid. You could also cover the lid with a piece of gingham material in shades of your theme, blue and white for boys or pink and white for girls. Make an attractive party favor for pennies.

Bath Salt Recipe

Start with a large mixing bowl and a spoon or other utensil. Add 3 cups of Epsom salt, 2 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of table salt into the bowl. When all ingredients are added, begin mixing them with your hand or a spoon. Next, slowly add food coloring of your choice to the mixture. Regular food coloring will work perfectly and should be added according to the color that you desire.

Diaper Favors

Cut small pieces of flannel or other soft baby material into a rectangle, fold as you would a baby diaper and pin in the front. Add to the diaper small tissue paper filled bag of pastel mints.

Votive Candle Favor

Baby shower favors can be pretty and still cost you pennies. Buy the large bags of votive candles in a pretty scent like vanilla . Many of the dollar stores have these in bags of 100. Stack 2 or 3 of the votive candles on top of one another and wrap in a small circle of material we used a blue net . Tie with a pretty ribbon and add a tag if you like. Design these favors to match your decorating theme.

Door prizes can be given at any time throughout the shower. There is no limit to the number of door prizes you give. Small gifts like scented candles, body lotion, small sewing kits, gift certificates to a movie, handmade items like gifts in a jar decorated with baby materials make a nice and easy gift.

It is important for the organizers to come up with some ideas and themes that they think would best suit the mother’s character or the born baby.

Create a Baby Keepsake

Buy a flannel baby blanket, and some pastel colored permanent fabric markers. You will also need an embroidery hoop, to help hold the blanket tight. During the course of the shower pass around the blanket and markers and let everyone "autograph" the blanket, or draw, or and add any comments for the "baby to be".

Printable Card Kits

Download 12 adorable patterns for baby washcloths. Patterns include baby buggy knitted washcloth, onsie, baby bottle, duckie and many more. Download Knitted Washcloth Patterns Here.

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