Baby Shower Onesie Card Tutorial

This is such an easy baby shower invite card to make yourself. Very cute card . Templates are included for download.

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Baby Shower Invitation Card Onesie Card

1. The first step is to cut a piece of cardstock in half long way. The cardstock should measure 4 1/2″ x 11″. Fold it in half.

2.Use a 1 3/8″ circle punch (or one very similar in size) to cut the neck out of the folded endof the cardstock. Cut just a half circle. If you don't have a hole punch just use scissors to cut a half circle.


3. Use that same circle punch to punch out the leg holes at the bottom corners of your card. Again if you don't have a hole punch just cut with scissors.



4. For the arms, measure down from the fold approx. 1 1/2″ and cut straight into the card an inch. Be sure you are cutting through both the top and bottom of the card. From there, cut diagonally down to the corner where you punched the leg hole. Do not draw in ink as we have done. This is just to show you where to cut.

5. Decorate your onesie anyway you wish. You can add a lace trim as we have done , add ribbons, buttons, brads, whatever makes your onesie shower card work for you.

Door prizes can be given at any time throughout the shower. There is no limit to the number of door prizes you give. Small gifts like scented candles, body lotion, small sewing kits, gift certificates to a movie, handmade items like gifts in a jar decorated with baby materials make a nice and easy gift.

It is important for the organizers to come up with some ideas and themes that they think would best suit the mother’s character or the tone of the occasion. Baby shower

Create a Baby Keepsake

Buy a flannel baby blanket, and some pastel colored permanent fabric markers. You will also need an embroidery hoop, to help hold the blanket tight. During the course of the shower pass around the blanket and markers and let everyone "autograph" the blanket, or draw, or and add any comments for the "baby to be".

Printable Card Kits

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