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Wedding Planning Ideas including lots of pages for Wedding themes that will guide you through the process of creating a romantic wedding yourself. Instructions on how to make your own wedding invitation with theme invitation ideas. There are lots of free wedding favor templates and ideas. We hope this will be a great guide for you to start planning that special day.

Printable Wedding Invitation Kits

Download 7 templates that take you from the first Save the Date Card to the final Thank you for the Gift Card.

The CD contains two styles of Invitations, a Save the Date card, RSVP card, Thank You card, and 2 envelope templates. In addition to these templates the delux cd also contains everything you need for your reception; 7 extras including a menu card, a placecard, a chruch program, a table tent number template, favor tag, cd cover, and a wine label.

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Wedding Historical Information

History of the Wedding Cake

History of the Wedding Invitation

Do It Yourself Wedding Invitation Kits And Favor Kits

Download, Print and Edit your Own Wedding Invitations and co-ordinating wedding cards with our Wedding Invitation Kits.  Kits include templates and editable text for 5x7 Wedding Invitation, 5x7 Triple Fold Wedding Invitation, Save the Date Card, Reply Card, 2 Envelope Templates, Thank You Card as well as templates for co ordinating accessories. Kits comes with graphic instructions and help along every step of the way in an easy to use format. Everything you need in one kit to do it yourself!

Lots of Wedding Invitation Designs


Tips on selecting paper, fonts, ink color, wording, using your printer, addressing, and mailing.

How To Make Layered Wedding Invitations

Printable Wedding Kits

Weddings Do It Yourself

How To Design a Floral Arrangement

How To Dye Satin Shoes

How To Make A Floral Garland

How To Make A Pew Bow

Do it 101 How to Make Your Own Elegant Wedding Invitations Tutorial

Wedding Downloads

Free Wedding Clipart Brides and Grooms

Free Wedding Clipart Doves

Free Wedding CLipart Wedding Rings

Free Wedding Clipart Miscellaneous

Free Wedding Fonts

Download Wedding Scrapbooking Graphics and Collage Print and Cut Sheets

Weddings Online Tools

Candy Filler Calculator Find Out How much Candy You Need

Online Ez Wedding Planner Software Free

Online Printable Wedding Planner Check List

Wedding Accessories To Make Yourself

Decorate A Victorian Wedding Cake Instructions

Fairy Tale Wedding Cake

How to Make a Basket Weave Design On Your Cake

Wedding Centerpieces to Make Yourself

Beach Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Pictures

Garden Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Pictures

Black and White Wedding Theme Centerpiece Ideas Pictures

Country and Western Centerpieces Ideas Pictures

How To Guide To Making Floral Centerpieces

Pink Roses and Candles Centerpiece

Wedding Decorating and Wedding Themes

Beach Wedding Theme Ideas Favors Centerpieces

Garden Wedding Theme Ideas Favors Centerpieces

Black and White Wedding Theme Ideas Favors Centerpieces

Country and Western Wedding Theme Ideas Favors Centerpieces

Irish or Celtic WeddingTheme Ideas Favors Centerpieces

Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

How to Make A Twinkle Tent

Wedding Favors To Make Yourself

Beach Wedding Favors Do It Yourself

Black and White Wedding Favors Do it Yourself

Country and Western Favors Make Them Yourself

Templates for Small Box, Cake Box, Heart Basket and Small Matchbox

Flower Bulb Favors

Garden Wedding Favors Do It Yourself

Irish or Celtic Wedding Favors Do It Yourself

Winter Wonderland Wedding Favors Do It Yourself

Wedding Invitations

A Wedding Music Online Guide

The Ultimate Wedding Music And Song List

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No ceremony is complete without the kiss. In fact, there was a time when an engagement would be null and void without one. Dating back from early Roman times, the kiss represented a legal bond that sealed all contracts.

The veil was eastern, in origin and was introduced into Europe by returning crusaders. Eastern women wore it to ward off the 'Evil Eye'. It was not taken off until after the wedding ceremony and a sign to the groom that his bride was pure. Purity has continued to be associated with veils.

Throwing Rice originated in the Orient where having rice means having a full pantry. So the newlywed couple was showered with rice, grains or nuts to wish them abundance and good luck in their new life together.

Resource E-Book Downloadable. Includes quotations, poems, card insert poetry, titles, printable tags, printable words, card templates, favor box and basket templates, CD covers and card ideas all with a wedding theme.

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