Victorian Valentine CD Gift Set

Do-it-101. com is pleased to offer this free Valentine CD Gift Set to Print and Make yourself. What could be more beautiful than a handmade Valentine CD full of favourite music and pictures to give to someone you love.


Victorian Valentine CD Gift Set

Materials Needed:

2 Pieces of 8x11 white card stock.

1 small piece of red ribbon long about 16" long any width.

Small valentine embellishments.



Small amout of glue or a Cd label blank sheet.

Method: Print out the templates which you can find in the zipped file found here.

CD Label: Cut carefully around the CD label on the black marks. Glue with glue stick to the CD or use a pre made CD label and insert the graphic into your CD label program and print following the instructions.

CD Folder: Print and cut carefully around the edge of the CD Folder. Score along the dotted lines , then fold and glue sides or use two sided tape. Tie a pretty ribbon around the CD.

Card: Print out the card. Then fold along the top of the red heart. Cut carefully around the outside of the heart leaving a small uncut area on both sides of the heart at the top. Glue a small ribbon or valentine embellishment to the card .

And there you have it. A perfect little Valentine Gift for someone you love!

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