Heart Potpourri Packet

Do-it-101. com is pleased to offer this free Heart Potpourri Packet Tutorial. Make this Victorian Style Packet and fill it with candies or potpourri.


Heart Potpourri Packet

Materials Needed:

1 12"x 8" Sheet of Paper Any Kind .

! 1/2 yards of pre gathered lace 1/4".

6"x12" tulle netting

Small amount of Ribbon

Any small decoration you may wish to add little roses

Something to fill the inside with (we used potpourri but you can use candies or any other small gift you would like to include.

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Stick

Method: Print out packket template you can find it here.

1. Print out the template . Cut around the solid lines on the template and place the template onto your colored paper. Glue the template to the paper and cut around all solid lines. Cut out the heart shape with a small pair of scissors.

2. Fold down the top flap and glue. Cut top on a curve like indicated on the template.

3. Hot Glue Gun Lace to to back of heart opening so it shows through the opening. Also glue lace across the top edge of the packet just above the heart. See Photograph below.

4.Hot Glue two layers of tulle netting over back of heart opening making sure that it is securly glued all the way around. Fold and glue side flaps to inside of back of pouch, one side at a time.

5. Hot glue gun lace all around your packet.

6. Fold your packet at the fold line indicated on the pattern and glue the sides together.

Fill with potpourri or candies. What a lovely gift or addition to a card.

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