Pop Up Heart Valentine Card

Do-it-101. com is pleased to offer this free Pop Up Heart Valentine Day Card Tutorial. Make your Valentine Card From the heart with this special handmade card.


Pop Up Heart Card Tutorial

Materials Needed:

1 4x6 Folded Card Stock. You can use any size you like with these cards. A half fold 5x7 or smaller. We used white cardstock but any color would work as long as it contrasts with your heart inside.

1 small piece of red colored card stock or a heavier construction paper. The stiffer the paper the nicer it stands up when the card is open.

1 piece of lace approximately 10 inches long. You don't have to put the lace on the heart or you can decorate it any way you like with ribbons or buttons or stickers. Just make sure that you don't cover the little tabs at the bottom so that your card will fold and glue onto your card stock.

Small amout of glue.

Method: Print out heart template you can find it here.

1. Print out the heart template . Cut around the solid lines on the template and place the template onto your colored card stock. We used red. Draw around the template and cut out the heart including the bottom tabs.

2. Glue Lace around the edge of the heart. We used a hot glue gun but you can use ordinary glue. Make sure that the bottom of the lace does not go over the tabs on the bottom edge of your heart. We need to keep the tabs clear so we can fold them later.

3. Now, fold your heart down the middle with the good side out. Make a sharp crease. Next fold the tabs at the bottom of the heart out and apply glue. We used a glue stick, works great.

4. Glue the tabs to the center inside of your card stock. Make sure you place it near the middle of your card.

And there you have it! A beautiful pop up card for that someone special.

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