Stained Glass

Stained glass is often used in the making of windows and lampshades, but is also useful for boxes, clocks, cabinet doors, picture frames and other 3-dimensional projects.

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Stained Glass Historical Information

Finishing Stained Glass Techniques

Stained Glass Instructions And Tutorials

How To Cut Glass Pictorial Instruction

How To Grind Glass Pictorial Instruction

Detailed Instructions With Pictures On How To Solder

How To Make A Stained Glass Stepping Stone

How To Cut Glass

Framing A Glass Panel Tutorial

Glass Fusing Tutorial

Copper Foiling Tips

Stained Glass Downloadables

Free Pattern of the Month from Paned Expressions Studios

Glass Eye 2000 Stained Glass Program 30 Day Free Trial

Night Light Templates

Stained Glass Online Tools

Stained Glass Projects For Holidays

3D Gingerbread House

Bamboo Bird Feeder Pattern

Bible Box Pattern

Kitchen Cabinet Stained Glass Panel Patterns

Night Light Patterns Several

Orchid Mirror

Square Dance Clock

Stained Glass Lamp Projects

Ceiling Apples

Chintz With Border

Humming Bird Lamp Pattern

Midi Lamp

Lamp Shade Patterns 2

Stained Glass Panel Patterns

Free Patterns from Paned Expressions Studios


Kitchen Pepper Panel


Victorian Panel for Windows

Stained Glass Suncatcher Projects

Abstract Urns

Circular Rose Suncatcher

Daffodil Suncatcher

Drangonfly Suncatcher Pattern

Dutch Girl

Flying Pig

Honey Bee Pattern

Orchid Suncatcher Pattern

Peacock Butterfly

Teddy Bear Pattern

Space for Rent

Feature Your Ad in this Prominent Position

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Always keep glass flat or horizontal to work surface unless moving to and from storage.

Never attempt to break glass in a vertical position!

Wear eye protection at all times and no open toed shoes.

Always wear a face mask when working with solder to avoid inhaling fumes.

Always cut glass as close to the edge as possible. Glass, is expensive, and unless you need to use a particular portion of the glass, always cut nearest to the edge.

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