Elegant Easter Eggs

Do-it-101. com is pleased to offer this free Easter Craft Tutorial. Easter is a symbol of renewal and rebirth. Make these decorated Easter Eggs for gifts or for a touch of whimsy on your table. Happy Crafting!


Decorated Easter Egg Craft

These pretty styrofoam Easter Eggs have been decorated to add a touch of spring to your decorations. These decorated eggs are simple and easy to make for a project for a girl's groups or for children to give as gifts. The possibilities on how to decorated your egg are as endless as the variety of ribbons and lace that are available today.

We have created some eggs here as an inspiration but let your imagination run wild and create your own unique egg.

Materials Needed:

2 1/2 or 3 1/2 inch (6-9 cm) styrofoam eggs

Straight Pins

Pastel acrylic spray paint or acrylic folk art paint

Ribbon, Lace , Cord, Raffia or stips of material enough to go around the egg and make some bows.

Little Ornaments or Decorations - we used ribbon roses but you could use dollar store bunnies or chicks or anything small and suitiable.

Ribbon Buying Hints - If you have no scraps of ribbon and you must buy some it takes approximately 8 inches to wrap a 2 1/2 inch egg from top to bottom. For a 3 1/2 inch egg you would need approximately 10 inches. Wrapping around the fat part of the egg would take approximately (7inch - 81/2 inchs). A bow requires about 12 inches .


1. Spray paint or brush paint your eggs. Let them dry thoroughly. Make sure you do not use Regular Spray Paint on your styrofoam eggs or they will melt before your eyes. Water based acrylic sprays work best. We used folk art craft paint. Make sure you use old newspapers on your work surface.

2.Gather up your decorating materials. Any bits and pieces of ribbon and lace work very well. Have a small glass or dish to put your egg into to help balance it when working on the top bows and decorations.

3.Now the fun begins! Let your imagination run wild. Select some ribbon or lace and decorate your egg as follows: Pin end of ribbon to top, bring ribbon down to base then up over top. Pin the ribbon and clip away the excess. Repeat with same or another colour of ribbon as many times as you desire.

Continue to decorate your egg up and down first with the ribbon and then around the fat part of the egg last if you desire. Make a small bow and pin it to the top of your egg and add your small decorations such as roses to complete your project.

Note: Try to use as few pins as possible when attaching ribbon ends to egg; as it gets hard to push the pins through when you have a lot of them in one place.

Here are our finished eggs!

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