Doll House Art


Simple things like hanging paintings from the old masters on you doll house walls give it that extra touch.

Creating a Masterpiece

Paintings can be made with your inkjet printer, copies of many of the old masters can be obtained from Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg Art Bookshelf

Once you find your artwork open it in a program that allows you to resize graphics, the usual scale is 1" to 12" so just use inches to make it the size in feet it would be in the real world.

Print the graphic on your inkjet, matte photo paper works well for this, if you don't have any just use the paper you use to print letters on.

photo and card

Cut an identical size piece of heavy card and glue the printed graphic to it.


Make the frame from any thin wooden strips, popsicle sticks or coffee stir sticks work really well. cut the strips about 1/8" longer than the size of the graphic. Make sure the corners are cut to exactly 45 degrees and that the two opposite sides are exactly the same length. You may have to carefully sand the corners to get them to fit tightly. When they are fitted stain them with a marking pen, don't worry about getting solid coverage, variations actually make it look better.

Glue the parts of the frame to the graphic and hang on your wall. String glued to the back or double-sided carpet tape can be used.



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