The fascinating hobby of recreating houses and their contents in detailed miniature is has a long history. It has been in existence for centuries. The earliest recorded replica of a fully furnished house was owned by Albert V, Duke of Bavaria, in the mid-sixteenth century. It was a replica of his own residence and became known as his 'baby house'. Wealthy people began to commission fine miniature pieces created by minature artists. These were not made for use by children, but were used to display wealth and social status.

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Many items can be made using your inkjet printer, there are tutorials for printing on fabric below, Project Gutenberg is a valuable source for images such as paintings by the old masters, rug and quilt designs and much more:

Project Gutenberg

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Create masterpieces to hang on your dollhouse walls.

Doll House Art

Wallpaper For Dollhouses

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Miniatures Projects

Create A Minature Scene In A Pumpkin

Dog House

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Mission Style Bedroom Furniture


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Space for Rent

Feature Your Ad in this Prominent Position

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The most common scale used is 1:12, also known as “one inch” or “one twelfth”. In this scale, one inch in miniature equals one foot in the regular world. So if a regular table is 3 feet high in the real world, it will be 3 inches high in one inch scale.

Other scales used are 1:24 (half inch scale) and 1:48 (quarter inch scale) where a half inch and a quarter inch equal one foot, respectively. One inch, half inch and quarter inch are all often referred to as “dollhouse miniatures” and you will find the widest range of dollhouses and accessories in these scales.


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