With all the great auction sites out there, you could spend hours jumping from site to site, searching for items to bid on, and once you find your collectible and are ready to bid how can you be sure of what you are getting. Here are some tips and hints for buying collectibes online.


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Get the Facts

Purchasing and selling high-end collectible itiems can be a risky business. Even if you bring the object to a professional appraiser, you are only getting one person's opinion about the value of the item. Now, in additon to having the object appraised individualy for unique characteristics and authenticity, you can visit an independent resource for public auction information that contains vast data bases of what items sold at auction. These places are usually not free and may have a search cost or a monthly search cost with unlimited searching but in the end may be worth your while if you are uncertain about what you should be getting for your item.

One such place that offers 1 month free trial is: has information and sales records of over 300 participating auctions houses. Just enter the keywords for the item you are searching for and the site produces a list of items sold along with the selling price, name of the auction house, location and information about the object. This is a valuable resource and provides both buyers and sellers with an unbiased account of the going rate for millions of collectible itmes around the world.

Buying and selling your collectible has never been easier with the multitude of auction places availabe on the net. There are some big auction companies such as :

A word of caution for buying collectibles online is Know All the Facts before you bid. If you are a new buyer to the online auction places, you may feel a little intimidated by the vastness of the selection and confused about what you should do. First rule of thumb is ASK questions....lots of questions BEFORE you bid, after you have bid and won ... it is too late and you will be stuck with something that you may not want or pay a price that the item is not worth. Be absolutely sure of what you are buying and the only way to do that with any certainty is to ask.

If the seller is reputable and honest he or she will not hesitate to answer all of your questions honestly and even provide you with more pictures if you ask for them. If you ask and get no answer back or if the seller appears to be avoiding your questions. Do not buy the item.

Most auction sites have a seller rating service that provides you with some information about the seller. Usually this information will tell you how many transactions the seller has, how long they have been selling and offer you a feedback from their previous buyers. Look at this information carefully. If you see that the seller has good feedback, has sold for a number of years then you may assume that this seller is okay to buy from, but again whatever the item is you are bidding on, ask your questions!

You and the Seller or you and the Buyer may have a totally different idea about what condition is considered good. Many people rate their items based on a subjective opinion. They are selling grandma's teapot and other valuable things from the attic and to them they look good.

A collector may want perfection with no chips, no cracks, in the box, not ripped, not stained, and the seller does not notice these little oddities so again when a seller says excellent condition, find out exactly what his or her opinion of excellent is, there could be a vast difference between your idea and theirs.

Cyber Clubs For Collectors

Hundred of collecting clubs and associations are going online, creating a worldwide network of enthusiastic collectors eager to share their stories and treasures. Here are a few websites where you can learn more about a favorite hobby or become inspired to start a new collecting venture. Joining one of these clubs is very easy and you will find a wealth of information from seasoned collectors and maybe make a few new friends along the way too.

American Bell Association

The Art Knife Web Guide To Art Knife Associations

Brewery Collectibles Club of America

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