Coin Collecting


While hoarding coins due to their value goes back to the beginning of coinage, coin collecting as pieces of art was a later development. Known as the "Hobby of Kings", modern coin collecting is generally believed to have begun in the fourteenth century with Petrarch.

Getting Started Coin Collecting

To start a coin collection you can begin with coins that you already have on hand. Check in your pockets, wallet, desk drawers and under the sofa cushions. You may be surprised to discover the variety of coins hiding in your home's forgotten nooks. Ask friends and relatives if they have any old or unusual coins to add to your collection.

You may want to purchase one or more coin albums to display your collection. Some are custom-made for specific coins, such as Kennedy Half Dollars; other albums hold all denominations. Other storage and display options include paper envelopes, plastic tubes, slabs, flips and Mylar® staple holders.

These are the basic tools you'll need to get started building and organizing your coin collection:

A high-quality magnifying glasss.
A padded jeweler's tray, plush towel, or some other soft cloth to set coins on when viewing them.
A plastic ruler that measures in inches and millimeters. Metal rulers that may scratch your coins.
A good coin reference book, it should include information on dates, mint marks, major varieties, grading guidelines and prices.
Good lighting,source.
Soft, cotton gloves.
Coin envelopes, holders or albums for storing your coins.

Common Types of Collections

Country Collections, some only collect coins from a particular country, often there own, others attempt to collect at least one coin from every country.

Year Collections, one particular coin for each year it was minted.

Mint Mark Collections, many collectors consider different mint marks significant enough to justify representation in their collection.

Variety Collections, mints generally issue thousands or millions of any given coin so they use multiple sets of coin dies to produce the same coin. Occasionally these dies have slight differences.

Subject Collection, collectors with an interest in a certain subject (such as, ships or birds) may collect only coins depicting that interest.

Printed Value Collections, a currency collection might be modeled around the theme of a specific printed value, for example, the number 1. This collection might include specimens of the US 1 dollar coin, the Canadian Loonie, the Euro, 1 Indian rupee and 1 Singapore dollar.

There are many other types of collections, political themes, copies or counterfiet samples, and some try to amass as many of one kind as possible.

How To Start A Coin Collection

Coin Collecting Information and Tutorials

In coin collecting coin grading is the process of determining the grade or condition of a coin, one of the key factors in determining its value as a collector's item.

Grading Terms Chart

To clean, or not to clean, will the value be increased or decreased?

Facts About Cleaning Coins

fake lira coin

The 1927 coin shown above is an obvious fake, coins during the fascist period bore the portrait of King Victor Emmanuel III, not Mussolini.

How to Identify Genuine Coins

How to Store Your Coins

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If you store your coins in the attic or basement, you are probably exposing them to extremes of temperature and humidity that will promote their oxidation.

The initials SMS stands for Special Mint Set.

The Royal Winnipeg Mint, a Canadian company produces coins for 60 different countries, including Centavos for Cuba, kroner for Norway, and pesos for Colombia. Currently the mint can produce over 20 million coins a day.

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