Auburn Motor Company 1900 - 1937

Ownership History

1875 - The Auburn Motor Company grew out of the Eckhart Carriage Company located in Auburn, Indiana, founded by Charles Eckhart. The Eckhart Carriage Company supplied the wholesale trade with a line of buggies and surreys.

1993 - Charles retired, leaving the business in the hands of his sons, Frank and Morris. Frank, the oldest son, assumed active management of the Eckhart Carriage Company.

1900 - The Auburn Automobile Company was formed as a family enterprise.

1919 - The Eckhart brothers sold out to a group of Chicago investors headed by Ralph Austin Bard, they revived the business but failed to realize the profits that they hoped for.

1924 - The investor group approached Errett Lobban Cord, a highly successful automobile salesman, with an offer to manage the company, he countered with an offer to take over completely and they accepted.

1926 - Cord partnered with Duesenberg Corporation, using it as the launching platform for a line of high-priced luxury vehicles including the L-29 Cord. He built cars that became famous for their advanced engineering as well as their striking appearance. With the efforts of imaginative designers such as Alan Leamy and Gordon Buehrig the 1928 Auburn Boattail Speedster, the Model J Duesenbergs, the 1935–1937 Auburn Speedsters and the 810/812 Cords were developed.

1937 - Production of Auburns, Cords and Duesenbergs ended, Cord's stock manipulations would force him to give up control of his car companies.

Model History

This chart is not a complete listing of all the models, it only gives examples for each year.

Touring Single Cylinder

1905 - 1908 Touring Twin Cylinders

1909 Model G Four Cylinder

1910 Model S

1911 Model N

1912 30 L Six Cylinder




1916 Chummy



1919 Beauty Six

1920 Beauty Six

Model18-90 Speedster

1921 Beauty Six

1922 Beauty Six

1923 Beauty Six

Model6 63 Beauty Six Sedan


1925 Model 4-44

1926 Model 8-88 Roadster
Model J
1927 Model 8-88 Roadster
Model X McFarlan Speedster
1928 Model 6-76D 4dr Sedan
Model 8-88 Speedster

L 29 J Murphy Convertible Sedan
1930 Model 8-125 Cabriolet L 29 J Murphy Convertible Sedan
1931 8-98
8-100A Boattail Speedster
L 29 Model J Phaeton
1932 8-100 Boattail Speedster
12 160A Cabriolet
12 160A Sedan
L 29 Model J Boattail Speedster
Model J Convertible Sedan
1933 12 161A Custom Speedster
8-105 Salon Eight Sedan
165A Phaeton

Model J
1934 652Y Custom Phaeton
V-12 Salon Speedster
V-12 Salon Phaeton

Model J
1935** 851 Boattail Speedster
851 Phaeton Sedan
810 SJ Mormon Meteor
J491X Torpedo Phaeton
1936 852 Phaeton S-10
810 Phaeton
810 Westchester Sedan
Model J
Model SJ
812 Beverly Sedan
812 SC Sportsman
SJ Cabriolet

* Front wheel drive L 29 was introduced in1929.
** Cord 810 introduced, featured hidden headlights in the front fenders, 1935.

Photos & Patents

1904 Auburn

The earliest know existing Auburn was a touring model car, equipped with a 10 hp flat mounted single cylinder engine in the center of the vehicle. It had a two speed transmission and weighed 1500 lbs. The car originally sold for $1000.

1910 Auburn Model S Roadster

Featured mother-in-law seat, 116" wheelbase,
4 cylinder 318 cid 40 hp engine, weighed 2400 lbs. Original price $1650

1907 Body Design
Prints and downloads available from
Vintage Internet Patents

1931 Cord L-29
298 cid, 125 hp flathead straight 8, 3 speed transmission, front wheel drive.

1931 Patent Design

Prints and downloads available from
Vintage Internet Patents

1928 Auburn 6-76 Sedan

1931 Auburn Speedster

1935 Auburn Boattail Speeder


1930 Cord Convertable

1937 Cord Coupe

1936 Cord 812 Phaeton


1929 Duesenberg J Murphy

1933 Duesenberg Dual Cowl

1935 Duesenberg J49IX

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