Appliance Repairing & Maintenance

Appliance Repairs

Quite often repairs can be done yourself, go to . This will take you to their home page, on the right hand side of the page you will find Free Repair Help, select the type of appliance you are having trouble with and check if the problem you are having is listed.

Next return to the home page and enter the necessary information in the search box, if there is information you can't locate there is help for this just below the search box. Click on "search" and you will be taken to a page that has diagrams showing the parts of the machine.

Click on the appropriate diagram to enlarge it, from this you will be able to locate the part that you need to replace.

Safety Procedures

If you are not comfortable or familiar with using basic tools do not attempt to do your own repairs.

Wear gloves and boots when moving appliances, sharp edges can cut your hands and dropped appliances can injure unprotected feet.

Pay attention to any and all warnings attached to appliance.

Avoid loose fitting clothing and tie long hair back.

Use caution when reaching into any section that can not be visually inspected for jagged edges or sharp screws.

Ask for assistance to move heavy objects, lift with your leg muscles, not your back muscles.

Before beginning any repair make sure appliance is unplugged or breaker is turned off.

If a voltage test is required, reconnect the power supply only for duration of test, disconnect immediately after test.

If wires are not marked, do so before disconnecting, check that wires are not in danger of being pinched, touching moving parts or crossing sharp edges to cause a short.

Call an appliance repair technician if you are in any doubt as to the safety of a machine.

Need more help, talk to the "Repair Guy".

Appliance Maintenance

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