The domesticated rabbit is a descendant of the wild European rabbit. Rabbits were introduced to Britain by the Romans who kept them in fenced off warrens and harvested their meat and fur. Rabbits are quiet and make great indoor or outdoor pets.

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The Rabbit is a very pretty animal, and loves to live about the house and barn, in a state of friendship with all around it. It has no defence, but to run away; and so harmless and innocent is it, that nobody can have the heart to do it injury. It feeds upon clover, apples, and other fruits, and will often sit for hours in some snug covered place, quietly chewing its cud, with the greatest satisfaction. There is another kind of rabbit, which runs wild in the woods and fields. He is remarkably swift of foot, and no dog can overtake him in a race, but a grey-hound. His fur is very soft, and is used in making coarse hats.
From "Book About Animals" - 1850

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