Goldfish are the domesticated version of the wild Crucian carp which is found in slow moving waters in South China. First domesticated in China more than a thousand years ago, several distinct breeds have since been developed. Goldfish breeds vary greatly in size, body shape, fin configuration and coloration, various combinations of white, yellow, orange, red, brown, and black are known.

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Common Goldfish

fantail goldfish

Fantail Goldfish

Goldfish can live for many years. The average lifespan of goldfish is about 10 years, but many have been known to live as long as 25 years!

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Introduction of goldfish into the wild can cause problems for native species. Goldfish can hybridize with certain other species of carp. Within three breeding generations, the vast majority of the hybrid spawn revert to their natural olive color. The mutation that gave rise to the domestic goldfish is also known from other cyprinid species, such as common carp and tench. Koi may also interbreed with the goldfish to produce a sterile hybrid fish.

There are many different varieties of domesticated goldfish. Fancy goldfish are unlikely to survive in the wild because of their bright colors and long fins; however the hardier varieties such as the Shubunkin or Comet may survive long enough to breed with wild cousins. Common and comet goldfish can survive, and even thrive, in any climate that can support a pond.

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Goldfish breed in the summer and many males chase the females desperate to fertilise the female.

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